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Friday, March 31, 2006

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at tis moment i feel like a sick person.. lolx.. dunnoe y a few days ago my left side hip bone got alittle pain but i nv go bother abt it then last nite it gets more pain.. i remember clearly i nv knock until anything ma.. dunnoe y will like tt.. then actually todae need help my mom mop the floor using cloth de(my mom say like tt cleaner) but cos pain then my mom say shift it to tue ba.. lolx..

quite excited abt tonite band concert.. lolx.. will be able to see my old friends.. lolx.. quite long nv see them le.. dunnoe they become like wat.. lolx.. actually also not very long la.. for my class de ppl.. lolx.. jacq's bday chalet also nv pass very long.. lolx.. sure will enjoy myself tonite de.. lolx..

Happy bday felicia.. lolx.. dun tink she will see tis but tis morning alrdy msg her le.. lolx.. we planning to help her celebrate on mon.. lolx.. tink she will be very touched by us ba.. lolx..

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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lets blog sth while waiting for xinghui to call me.. lolx.. i helping her do her online application.. her com broke down at tis time.. lolx.. after going library myself.. my sis very ma fan ar.. want me help her borrow tis borrow tt.. dunnoe even noe whether i can find it anot.. ytd went jieying's hse to try our the dish i cookin on my dad's bday.. lolx.. was quite fun.. but after cookin the dish, i find tt the dish like too easy to prepare liao.. i actually wanted to cook sth tt is not my standard de.. sth tt will surprize my whole family.. but then last min how to go find another dish n try.. haiz.. nxt yr ba.. will be more prepared..

10:40 AM

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

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actually wanted to blog de.. but now like dunnoe wat to write.. maybe i worry too much for alot of things ba.. especially whether i will be use to poly's life n other stuffs.. then i keep on eating to destress ba.. haha.. can u believe it.. but lucky i not so easy will grow fat de.. but will do exercise to maintain de.. lolx.. wouldn let myself have a chance to grow fat.. lolx..

hope i wouldn regret not appealing for nursing.. lolx.. now worry for xinghui.. hope nursing will make her more brave then b4.. lolx.. jia you xinghui.. haha.. but she can find me in sch if she got prob or feeling very down.. lolx.. i promise her "daddy" will look after her de.. lolx.. i go see the nyp map liao.. lucky business sch n health sci sch nearby each other.. lolx..

cannot believe time passes so fast n now i m preparing to go poly liao.. time waits for no man.. lolx.. hope poly life will make me to be stronger then b4 n more yong gan to try out new things.. lolx..

12:17 PM

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

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so sian ar.. ytd stay at home like half-dead like tt.. nth to do n nth to eat lor.. my mom so horrible.. dun let me eat tis dun let me eat tt.. say wat eat finish all the pineapple tarts n chi new yr goodies first.. very irritating leh.. who call them buy so much lor.. then i m like the onli one eating it.. i told my mom say the reason y i like to go out is coz outside got alot of things to eat.. haha.. i sound like a piggy leh.. haha.. onli tink of food.. cannot help it.. haha..

then at nite my dad call then say need my da jie n my help.. to help ppl move things.. -_-".. help an old uncle clear all the stuffs in his hse cos he moving to old folks home.. his hse is like.. u see le u can faint.. alot of rubbish stuffs lor.. like rubbish collector leh.. my dad, my auntie n my uncle clean frm 6 plus to midnite lor.. can u imagine.. i come bac home tt time super tired lor.. bath liao then lay on the bed.. within a few min slp liao.. haha..

11:41 AM

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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mon n ytd went out wif jieying they all.. got alot to tok abt.. haha.. make me realise tt without knowing i have grow more mature n understanding.. maybe? haha.. but i still very playful.. haha.. so nice to have tis big bunch of friends.. haha..

12:06 PM

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i haven finish saying abt jacq's bday chalet hor.. haha.. say until where ar.. oh.. then after tt we started bbq.. as usual gals are the ones cooking.. haha.. but zhihui got help cook chicken wings.. haha.. not bad hor he.. haha.. other inside watch dunnoe wat show.. jacq, bel n me was like having so much fun playing especially them.. took my phone keep takin pics.. -_-".. haha.. hmm.. the bday cake part is actually want jacq to get touched by it de.. but then b4 the cake came into the room, she saw the cake liao.. haha.. she was chasing after bel ma.. then run run run suddenly turn then say, " i saw sth.." haha.. she didn noe the cake part.. is joan n shuning plan de.. haha.. the cake was delicious lor.. haha.. then it was time for jacq to unwrap all her present.. haha.. alot lei.. haha.. then i inside the room wif some other ppl watch da chang jin.. haha.. some say nice some not nice.. haha.. dunnoe.. for me i find it ok ba.. haha.. then we started playing all kinds of cards game.. haha.. actually want play murderer longer de cos i keep takin the detective or civilians.. i want get murderer lor.. lolx.. i very weird hor.. haha.. then change game.. play big fish small fish.. haha.. so funny lor.. glenn n zhihui blur blur de.. haha.. say too much time liao then all the big fish small fish dunnoe become wat word.. haha.. then we change to big star small star.. haha.. tt one more worse ar.. become pigstyle n se mo star.. haha.. we play until midnite lor.. actually shld be jacq, joan, bel, me, weiwoon n elisha stay overnite onli then now become like more then ten ppl stay overnite.. haha.. cos they no bus go home le ma.. joan was the onli one who slpt.. haha.. then we all watch tv n tok.. haha.. it was really a very nice experience.. haha.. i will always rmb ba.. haha..

11:13 AM

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Monday, March 20, 2006

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now waiting for jieying to bath finish.. haha.. nth to do then rmb got a few days nv come blog liao.. haha.. so here i m.. haha.. fri was so fun.. haha.. went to jacq's bday chalet.. now i noe got connections is always better.. haha.. actually jacq's chalet room is at the second floor de.. then jacq's mom started calling dunnoe wat Mr Sim.. after tt Mr Sim call her go call Mr Toh.. -_-" .. so we waited for like half an hr ar.. after tt the lady which help us change the room came out then say can liao.. haha.. power hor.. haha.. at first onli me n bel in the room cos jacq n joan went to eat lunch.. haha.. we 2 keep watching tv nth to do.. the fun part is obviously when everybody reach the chalet la.. actually not everybody.. is most of the ppl.. dinnertime got alot of food lor.. got four medium size pizza, 1 big pot of fried bee hoon n 1 big pot of curry veg.. after tt we still go set fire for bbq leh... haha.. but b4 tt.. eating pizza tt time, me, andrew n joan keep tokin abt ntuc stuff.. haha.. we 3 drive them all crazy.. haha.. i going out soon wif jieying le.. lata then continue blog.. hehe..

11:09 AM

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

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so long nv blog le.. haha.. cos com spoil ma.. haha.. now then reformat ok.. haha.. tis few days i had been rotting at home except for a few days tt i went "walk walk" wif him.. haha.. now i noe how to walk home frm tm le.. haha.. but still a bit blur la.. better dun try myself.. haha.. lata lost my way.. haha.. ytd i got my nyp package.. i stare blankly at it when i first open it.. so wordy lor.. haha.. i thought i going to have a difficult time doing all the forms but i sort of finish it last nite.. haha.. left the medical report and my dad still tinkin whether to let me use his CPF account or let my sis use it for her U studies.. haha.. tis morning went down to take the passport size photo.. haha.. not bad leh.. among so many passport photos i have, i like tis the most.. maybe coz tis time short hair ba.. haha.. going to start poly liao.. need to wake up very early again liao.. but i will plan my time well so tt i can spend time wif him.. haha.. one wk try to meet at least one time ba.. but i will also jia you in my studies de so tt maybe i can get into U like my sis.. haha..

12:48 PM

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

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todae super happy.. hehe.. cos chin leong bought me a dale.. haha.. a very cute soft toy.. i keep huggin it.. haha.. watch tv hug.. eat dinner also hug.. haha.. my sis try to snatch frm me.. haha.. but i have been tinkin.. tinkin abt alot of stuffs.. haha.. so my brain still not rusty.. haha.. he send me home again.. haha.. was wishing tt the bus go really very slow.. haha.. but cannot selfish he still need to go home de.. haha..

8:28 PM

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~ Spider

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