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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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bac to blog again.. jus reach home not long frm sch.. so tired.. i slept on the bus then the journey home was like super fast.. lolx.. still stuck at cmfi tut.. dunnoe teacher wan the ans to be the model or the formula.. haiz.. i seriously need help.. hope dear noe how to do.. lolx.. my help line.. lolx..

THANK YOU GILLIAN!!! thank you for the addidas perfume.. lolx.. was so shocked when she say she wan pay for my addidas perfume.. she say its a gift for me for teaching and helping her.. lolx.. AI SI NI LE!!! lolx.. actually i wldn mind even if u nv buy anything de.. as long as u appreciate my effort and do well.. lolx.. tis are wat friends are for ma..to help each other.. but anyway.. THANK YOU!!!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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yeah.. gillian is finally bac in sch le.. lolx.. was so great to have her bac in class.. i will try my very best to teach her everything tt she miss..

but crm really driving me crazy.. really hope tt i will be able to finish it by thur so tt i can go dear hse to stay on fri.. jia you ba janice.. i noe u can de.. lolx..

boo hoo hoo.. i need to go buy clothes for sch le.. cos my mom jus wash spoil one of my favourite t-shirt.. i actually cried.. but dunnoe izzit cos of tt shirt tt i cried or izzit i too tired liao.. sch really drain out one large part of my energy..

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

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i jus accepted the fact tt the ugly side of human nature is truely scary.. e.g it let a sweet and nice gal turned into a slient killers who "murder" ppl without being suspected.. truely very scary.. it really makes me dunnoe who to trust other then dear and my jie mei.. frm young i keep telling myself tt tis world is a beautiful world.. the ugly side of human nature onli exist in a small part of tis world.. but as i grow up.. i realise i was wrong.. the ugly-side of human nature existed all around the world.. its making my beautiful world into a black pic..

lucky my world is still as beautiful cos i noe how to use "eraser" to erase all the ugly-side of human nature frm my world.. lolx..


10:50 AM

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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haiz.. todae after sch went to help yongxian buy his financial calculator.. then reach home tt time my mom say me.. say i help my classmates to order and buy financial calculator but in the end i gain nth.. at first i really nvm de.. but is like after tinkin bac.. onli got 5 of them say thank you to me.. i bought 29 calculators in total.. haiz.. nvm ba.. like wat my mom say.. too kind le..

dear starting his first driving lesson tml.. hope he will be able to adapt to it very fast.. jiayou! lolx..

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Monday, May 12, 2008

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jus finish editing my blog.. very impt... i really wan to thx shireen for helping me to change my blogskin and adding the tagboard.. THANK YOU!!! actually wanted to get her a small gift de then ah boon say no need.. lolx.. no la.. is cos we dunnoe wat she like.. although i met her twice onli but i really find her a very nice and funny gal.. lolx..

haiz.. monday again.. wk 3 le.. sian.. i onli wrote 120 words for my CRM journal cos i got no ling gan then teacher keep reminding us 26th may need to pass up.. wonder will i be able to squeeze 2000 words out frm my tiny little brain..

although onli 3 wks but i really enjoy doing grp work with simon, kartika and of cos dear.. lolx.. dear no need to say de cos fsrc did grp work with him b4.. with kartika in my grp i suddenly like no need to do anything.. maybe cos my other previous grpings i tend to keep myself busy then now kartika snatch everything to do.. lolx..

gillian coming bac in around one wk time.. yeah.. finally my lover coming bac le.. miss her so much.. got like around 4mth plus nv see her le.. i shall be a fierce teacher when she come bac.. wahaha..

i still tinking whether to have my hair trimmed tis wk anot.. cos fri is sis bf 21st bday chalet.. then wan to look nice nice so not to throw my sis face.. lolx.. dear dun be jealous hor.. i try not to attract too much attention.. lolx.. we bought him a 24cm by 24cm cake.. wonder how heavy it is cos i have to carry tt cake to the chalet.. lucky my dad driving.. hehe.. i tink in the end will be my dad carry cos i might act "weak" lolx..

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

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feeling so much better now.. i cried for a few hrs jus now in my rm and also inside the toilet.. my eyes hurt alittle now.. but i really wan to thx dear and gillian.. thx for cheering me up.. i noe its highly dangerous jus now for u 2 to calm me down.. but i'm really thankful and glad tt u 2 are by my side.. especially dear who stopped me frm going out to slap my sis.. lolx.. shocked tt i can be tt violent rite.. lolx..

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i hate both my sis.. irritating selfish creatures!!!! the blueberry bread is me, daddy and mummy buy home de lor.. when i came home frm giant, 6 blueberry bread left 2 onli leh.. both of them ate 2 each.. i was like how can they be so selfish.. in the end i nv get to eat the blueberry bread.. when my dad came home frm shop & save i ask whether i cld eat one of the blueberry bread.. u noe wat my dad told me.. he said no.. it his.. i was like shock u noe.. even my dad is so selfish.. to tink tt i help him the whole day and he treat me like tt..

then nvm.. tt blueberry bread thing i dun take it to heart.. then when i was eating my "dinner" my elder sis did a super horrible thing.. she looked at my CRM journal and started editing it.. i mean it fine to help me edit.. but after editing it she laugh and ask my younger sis to look at it too.. at tt moment i didn noe wat were they laughing abt until my younger sis ask me what was looking going.. i then realise they were laughing at my report.. they even shout out all my mistake for my dad to hear.. then my dad scolded me for my poor eng.. he said how m i suppose to work in a bank with such lousy eng.. then my mom added in askin my sis to teach me proper eng..

i was really super upset and angry.. i shouted get lose at my sis.. i felt really super hurt for them to treat me like tis.. i shut myself inside the rm cos i noe i will cry.. it created a deep wound in me.. i noe frm young my results are not as gd as both my sis and i noe very clearly tt my parents look down on me.. frm young no matter wat i do i always dun get my dad's approval.. even when i representation my sch for poa competition.. i always heard my dad telling me tt i m not doing my best.. i even aimed to study like both my sis to get at least 3.4 for gpa for my last 2 sem.. i did all tis jus to get my dad's approval..

i sometimes suspect that i wasn my dad's real daughter cos i'm very diff frm both my sis.. they 2 often treat me like maids ordering me to do tis do tt.. no matter how hard i try, i will always end up crying by myself.. they nv noe how deep they had hurted me..

as time goes by, i dun like to stay at home.. home is jus a place for me to slp, eat and bath.. i no longer felt warmth in my home.. but they dun understand how i feel.. they dun even noe wat is going thru my mind..


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