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Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Dear's 10th day of confinement in Tekong..

YES!!! finally get to go out wif gil, gracia, phua jia, yt n kaka.. lolx.. so long nv go shopping wif them le.. tis few wks keep on busy wif sch work, tests and other stuff.. will be going orchard.. kaka say want watch movie so can use her bday discount for her GV membership card cos todae last day of oct le.. lolx.. wonder wat will we be watching.. hope is one of the movies tt i want to watch.. lolx..

i feel happy.. even though i msg Dear not to call me to save batt, he still called me ytd.. lolx.. didn noe he wants to hear my voice tis much.. lolx.. or maybe cos i flood his inbox wif msges.. lolx.. hope his sore throat is getting better.. ytd hear his voice weird weird de.. lolx.. he say sometime got voice sometime no voice.. haiz.. let ppl worry onli.. no choice.. there's nth i can do since he's at tekong.. i can onli keep on forcing him to drink herbal tea when he comes out.. but i guess sore throat is better then big injuries ba.. lolx.. i believe he will take super gd care of himself de..

as for his face ma.. he say he exposed to too much sun then all his pimples come out.. my task now is to help him tink of how to reduce the amount of pimples on his face when he comes out.. wonder will applying aloe vera helps to reduce it anot since aloe vera got cooling effect.. provided his pimples are really due to the exposure of too much sun..

10:35 AM

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Friday, October 30, 2009

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Dear's 9th day of confinement in Tekong..

Finally found the time to clear the mountains of notes piled up on my table.. lolx.. my table looks neater now.. lolx.. sian.. dunnoe y dun feel like doing anything now.. although my micro notes is jus infront of me, but from time to time i onli 'peep' at it once or twice.. lolx..

going for tuition soon.. hopefully my student will be gd and not restless todae since he will onli finish sch at abt 4pm and my tuition is at 4.45pm.. he shld.. since he was the one who requested to change it to todae instead of tml.. lolx..

Although Dear haven recover from his sore throat but i can sense tt he's coping well inside tekong.. lolx.. seems to me like simple washing of clothes shld not be a prob to him now.. lolx.. y dun army teach guys how to cook too.. lolx.. train them to further lighten their wife's load in the future.. wahaha.. too bad they dun.. lolx..

2:40 PM

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Dear's 8th day of confinement in Tekong..

i onli manage to finish half of my assignment Q tis afternoon.. no.. actually is tt i got all the info needed typed out.. but haven sort and select yet.. dun tink will be able to finish by tis wk..

my tuition kid really drain my energy.. 1Q i have to explain more then 2 times then he understand.. i seriously think tt there might be sth wrong wif him.. lolx.. oops.. shHh.. hehe.. still hope tt he will pass all his exam man..

finally will be able to go shopping on sat le.. wonder will i shop halfway then start to miss Dear ma.. cos i mostly go shopping wif him de.. haiz..

Dear msg me ytd say he got sore throat.. lolx.. so funny.. i jus recover frm it then he got.. lolx.. more funny is tt he told me one of his bunk mate got bring pi pa gao go inside then afew of them drink pi pa gao.. wahaha.. oh man.. who will thought of bringing pi pa gao go in sia.. tt person pro.. lolx.. or shld i say tt person's mom pro.. lolx..

one more wk for end of Dear's confinement.. yeah!!

7:52 PM

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Dear's 7th day confinement in Tekong..

Yeah.. I recover le.. my throat no longer feel itchy le.. i'm no longer coughing le.. Yeah Yeah!! POA test over le.. manage to balance the balance sheet at the last moment but dunnoe whether my ans correct ma.. cos it seems weird to me.. lolx.. but anyway its not counted in my final grades.. lolx..

i dun understand sth.. todae go my way home on bus and on train, i saw alot of 'koala bear' (bf hugging their gf).. izzit a common thing tt normal couples wld do? i onli 'koala bear' once.. jus cos tt day i not feeling well.. is tt a gd thing or a bad thing? lolx..

Dear coming out nxt thur evening.. initially wanted to go fetch him then pei him go home de.. but like tt in the end he will have to send me home then he cannot rest.. so plan cancelled.. he's going bac in on sun.. haiz.. y can't they let him out in the afternoon.. haiz..

feeling tired after 2 busy sch days..

5:18 PM

~My Melancholy~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Dear's 6th day of confinement in Tekong..

Still sick..

Have been coughing the whole day.. my throat still feel itchy n dry.. i kept drinking water and going toilet in sch.. i even bought mint swt to eat to stop coughing.. when will i then fully recover.. haiz..

poa test tml.. study until dun feel like study le.. leave it to the hands of God ba.. lolx.. after poa test have to start studying for micro le.. nxt tue is micro open notes test.. although is open notes, i feel tt maybe i shld test myself on how much i have learnt.. so will still study for it.. lolx..

Dear whole day nv reply my msg le.. seems like he's having a busy training day todae.. feel happy for him cos its better then him looking at ppl train.. so i dun mind him not replying me.. lolx..

8:59 PM

~My Melancholy~

Monday, October 26, 2009

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Dear's 5th day of confinement on Tekong..

*YAWN* so sian.. lolx.. study poa theory until very sian.. no choice.. aiming for 100marks.. but abit funny.. y m i aiming cull marks when its not even included in my final grade.. lolx.. crazy me.. lolx..

my table now is full of notes for my 4 modules.. had been onli reading FI for the past few wks and studying for poa test from last wed till now.. sry micro and CF.. will start touching after the poa test which is on wed.. lolx..

feel like cutting my hair but i jus cut my hair like around 2 mths ago.. izzit too fast? maybe i shld jus wait for one more mth.. lolx..

wonder wats Dear doing now..

3:23 PM

~My Melancholy~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Dear's 4th day of confinement in Tekong..

First of all..

Thank God tt my 'going sore throat' symptom didn turn into sore throat.. i'm recovering well.. hopefully tml will fully recover..

didn do much todae except slp and study.. and of cos not forgetting tt i went to church in the morning.. todae's msg has somehow gave me the urgency to do sth.. which will affect my future.. i gathered all my courage and decided to take one step out.. Pray tt it will be a gd start..

Dear msg me tt ytd his bunk mate accidentally hit one of his eyes with the corner of an envelope.. then his eyes red red, very irritating.. when i saw the msg abit worry for him.. hope tml he wake up his eyes ok le..

afternoon tt time he wasn able to join in some of the training cos he was exempted from training tt involve his lower part of his body.. but can see frm the msg tt he wanted to join them very much.. so i asked him to ask his sir whether he can join those activities tt he think his hip joints can take it de.. he told me tml then will noe the result.. will pray for him de..

will continue to be his strong and independant little gf.. lolx..

11:39 PM

~My Melancholy~

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Dear's 3rd day of confinement in Tekong..

dunnoe y tis morning wake up jiu feel super sian.. have to spend my sat morning going bac to the crazy expo sales for more cheapo things (forced by my parents) and the rest of the day studying.. sian ar.. its really a sat wifout dear..

i guess i too heaty le.. i even ate mac for dinner.. naughty me.. have to suffer now.. sore throat.. sobx sobx..

a restless day for me.. didn really study much.. slept abit.. seems like sth missing.. lolx..

had a short chat wif dear around 10plus at nite.. told me he had a busy n tired day todae.. he also learned to clean alot of things.. lolx.. hearing his voice makes me miss him more.. lolx.. i guess i will get used to it soon.. lolx.. hopefully..

11:06 PM

~My Melancholy~

Friday, October 23, 2009

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Dear's 2nd day of confinement in Tekong

Had a tired and crazy day today..

my mom woke me up early in the morning to ask me go to tis crazy sales at expo wif my sis..

Promotion: $10 fan n rice cooker, $5 hair dryer n iron, $5 for 5kg new moon rice, $2 for 2kg new moon oil, $1 for a can of luncheon meat n 50cent per longan can..

then jus nice my living rm fan spoil le.. so no choice have to go to the crazy sales for the $10 fan..

I practically is squeeze here and there in order to snatch a fan.. super crowded la.. even pay money need to cut Q de.. the Q is super duper long.. my poor sis had to Q for the food sales.. but when reach our turn no rice le.. so we bought 2 2kg of oil and 2 cans of luncheon meat.. then my sis overheard the 2 guy or shld i say 2 boy workers whisper to each other tt they dun mind help us carry all the heavy things and send us home.. wahaha.. comical la.. Dear dun jealous wor.. lolx..

i left my hse at 10.15am but reach home onli at 2pm.. i carried the trolley and climbed 2 over-head bridge.. practically exhausted.. lolx..

Dear msged me in the afternoon telling me how slack he is.. lolx.. his 7wks of BMT will turnout to be onli 5wks cos for the 2wks of confinement will be slacking.. lolx.. shld i say he lucky? lolx.. i guess he wldn be of much diff after the 2wks confinement ba.. lolx.. i looking forward to see his botak head wor.. lolx.. he told me over the phone tt his hair now very fun to play wif.. lolx..

missing him more each day..

7:12 PM

~My Melancholy~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

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jus now on my way home from tuition, i seriously very afraid tt i might faint on the street.. the weather is really super hot.. i keep stoppping to rest my jelly legs n keep drinking water.. my 'yi ma' really noes how to torture me..

Dear's first nite in tekong.. wonder if he's coping well..

8:48 PM

~My Melancholy~

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montly torture.. my leg feels jelly again.. lucky i look better then a white sheet of paper.. if not lata my tuition kid xia dao.. lolx.. Thank God tis time not sun.. i can rest at home for 2 full days other then going for tuition.. lower the risk of black out.. lolx.. promise Dear tt i will take gd care of myself de..

1:00 PM

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Dear's 1st day of confinement in Tekong..

went to have dinner wif him ytd after sch.. cos wldn be able to send him off to tekong todae.. wanted to spend more time wif him b4 he goes in.. sobx sobx..

msg him tis morning b4 he went in tekong.. abit se bu de.. but like wat he said.. 2wks will be over very fast.. hopefully so..

so during tis 2wks.. he jiayou in tekong, i concentrate on studying..

promise him last nite wldn cry de.. so i definately wldn.. lolx.. its not as if he wldn be coming out.. lolx.. a little separation is actually not a bad idea.. at least it makes us realise how impt we are to each other.. lolx..

looking forward to the day he book out..

11:55 AM

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