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Saturday, June 28, 2008

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yeah finally cut my hair le.. erm.. shorter then i actually wanted to cut.. but ok la.. my sis say still the same pattern but shorter length.. then i let jialin see my pic.. she say nice.. so i tink its nice ba.. lolx.. but somehow i scare the tail of my hair will qiao qiao cos my hair got abit natural curl.. oh boy.. dun care le la.. also cannot stick my hair bac.. lolx..

7:38 PM

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*yawn* so tired.. my mom woke me up at around 9plus.. actually she wanted to wake my sis up to go teach tution de but end up her voice too loud.. wake me up also.. then i toss and turn till 9.45am hten i rmb i need to go save the closing price of the US market.. i faster jump up frm my bed and switch on my laptop.. i also helped jialin to save her grp.. cos she and gra both busy in the morning.. i tink ah ma still slping then yx and fs.. nvm.. lolx..

yeah.. finally going to cut or shld i say trim my hair todae.. i tink i got like 6mths nv cut le.. so my fringe quite long le.. then nxt wk onwards got quite a number of event so i tink i need a hair cut.. to look neater.. lolx.. hope it will turn out nice ba.. i try to post a pic of my after hair cut hairstyle.. but i tink onli the fringe will look diff ba.. lolx.. cos i dunnoe wat hairstyle suits me other then the current one.. i actually abit envy nicole.. her hair so silky so nice.. and no matter wat hairstyle she cut also look nice on her..

10:19 AM

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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so tired.. have been doing proj all the day.. frm investment to entrepre to cmfi non-stop.. y yr 3 projs so hard and complicated.. it really makes us feel tired both physically and mentally.. how i wish we can faster complete yr3.. it has been quite some time since i had enough slp.. and i tink i look more and more like a panda le.. haiz..

todae had to face with a prob tt i had been avoiding.. but i intend to keep avoiding it.. cos i noe it will eventually have an ans afew years down the road.. so dear, dun worry so much.. cos no matter wat it will not stop me frm being with u..

9:44 PM

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so slpy so tired.. but i still manage to crawl out frm my cosy bed.. now in sch waiting for my grpmates to come.. sian sian.. all the projs all halfway done onli.. everybody struggling to complete it.. haiz.. my mom dun even noe i having 2-wks break now cos i everyday have to wake up early go sch do proj..


9:27 AM

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Friday, June 13, 2008

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so so so sian.. in sch now doing proj.. but i slacking.. cos jus now we jus battled our entrepre survey Qs.. we manage to squeeze the Qs out frm all our brain.. my brain juice left abit onli.. actually wat jialin said is true leh.. we onli got 4projs while they got 6projs.. but tis 4projs really killer leh.. especially cmfi.. really make me very headache..

ppl always say poly life very easy then JC like suffering but i tink time have change.. poly life are now more torturing then JC life.. one proj can really wan our life.. somemore within our 3 yrs we got tons of projs need to do.. no wonder we really mature faster then JC students.. lolx.. we are expose to the society so much earlier then JC students..

3:54 PM

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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somebody save me.. i'm feeling so terible.. i wan to cry but i can't.. i can't cos its a sign tt i'm not strong enough.. i can't cos i dun wan ppl to noe.. i can't cos i go no where quiet and dark to hide and cry.. i can't.. the feeling of having to bear everything inside is terible.. i wan to escape but i'm too weak.. who can save me frm tis cruel world..

i'm tired.. how i wish sometime i can slp and nv wake up..

9:50 PM

~My Melancholy~

Sunday, June 08, 2008

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so tired.. jus came bac from spec shop.. yeah.. my dad brought me to make new spec.. finally.. cos my old spec makes me giddy and dear and simon say i look like a granny with my old spec.. my sis help me choose a spec that didn make me look very fierce.. the main frame is light grey while its light green at the side.. hope i made the right decision tis time..

i finally bought a slipper ytd.. lolx.. it has been a few mths since i started telling my family and dear tt i need to buy a slipper.. lolx.. but i tink the credit goes to dear cos ytd he said no matter wat i muz buy my slipper todae.. so he pei me combed the whole of far east b4 i decided to buy a slipper frm mondo.. within my $20 budget.. lolx.. i also bought a slim sliver belt ytd.. fulfilling my another wants.. lolx.. now i left with a watch, clothes, bag and pants.. lolx.. maybe another slipper.. but tt can wait i tink.. lolx..

ytd morning went for a mini blood test session.. lolx.. is to help gracia friend madeline with her FYP thing.. lolx.. my dad bluff me lor.. he everytime say i no blood de then in the end madeline poke tt time got alot of blood lor.. within 2hrs i got 2 holes in each of my middle finger and fourth finger for both hands.. lolx.. i tink by lookin at the result my blood reacts the most to the cup of glucose tt we drank.. lolx..

my 2 wks break starts tml but i tink its more like 2 wks of proj wk ba.. the first wk is alrdy packed with doing projs.. haiz.. i hope tt we will be able to at least complete half of tall the projs b4 the term starts..

3:55 PM

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