~Melancholy Melody~
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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my mom force to do things i dun like and she treats me like a maid!!!!!! my life is no longer my life and its definitely not the life tt i wan!!!

1:01 PM

~My Melancholy~

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wat can i do.. i'm tired.. i'm exhausted.. i'm jobless.. i can't show it out..

11:59 AM

~My Melancholy~

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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i'm feeling miserable now.. feeling empty.. i'm rotting at home.. i'm jobless.. all my friends have calls from their agents and are going for interviews.. not once did my phone ring during the day..

i seriously wonder where went wrong.. i really trying hard for everything i do but not once m i able to complete it nicely the way i wan it..

i'm feeling miserable yet i can tell no one.. i dun wan to give ppl the impression tt i'm forever emo.. i dun mean to wan to feel emo.. i'm seriously feeling useless now.. even when planning for friends outing, i'll have to wait other ppl confirm their schedules..

wats wrong wif me..

2:31 PM

~My Melancholy~

||The Owner||

Name: Janice Chang
Age: 20 yrs old
D.O.B: 12 Aug 1989
Schools: CZPS, SHSS, NYP(Banking and Finance), SIM-UOL(Accountancy and Finance)

Wat i LIKE:
~ Shopping
~ Eating & Slping
~ Watch TV
~ Spend time with dear
~ Tickling dear(wahaha)

Wat i DUN like:
~ People lying to me
~ Backstabber
~ 2-timer
~ Ugly-side of HUMAN NATURE
~ Bittergourd
~ Onion
~ Spider

~ To have my very own room
~ To be with dear 4eva


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