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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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so tired.. i have been staring my report for the past few days and is like i really cannot make it doin report.. my report skill is like so lousy lor.. oh my.. wat m i suppose to do.. mon have to pass up le.. and i m doing last min changes which i have no confidence in.. my head like going to explode anytime le.. really envy dear.. he like everything also better then me.. i really scare i too lousy for him..

wat shld i do now.. feel so helpless..

10:23 PM

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slackin now.. lolx.. was reading elle jus now.. then the horoscope part says tt for leo, it's rare for you to go into anything totally new without careful research first; failure and lookin foolish are things you try to avoid at all costs. yet here you are, ready to commit yourself to an emotionally risky venture, with no real idea of what is involved. you have either fallen totally in love or somehow believe that to close your eyes and jump like tis is the onli way to get what you want.

lolx.. wat shld i say.. quite true ba.. lolx..

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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finally todae got time to blog le.. have been quite busy lately.. but i dunno busy with wat.. lolx.. tis wk is wk8 le.. and todae is tue le.. so i left with like 4 more days in eldc cos thur and CNY eve i on leave.. lolx.. watch 27 dresses with ah boon on sun le.. was a nice movie.. lolx.. thx gracia for ur strong recommandation on tt movie.. lolx.. will be watching movie with ah boon again.. lolx.. thx to brownry's friend for the pair of free tickets.. lolx..

thur need to go find present for the gift exchange thing for eldc.. the present muz be more then $5 less then $10.. i got a gal.. lolx.. but i wldn name her here in case she see my blog.. lolx.. i will try my best to find a present to her liking.. hope she will like my present when she receive it..

as for dear's present.. lolx.. i wldn say much in here cos i noe dear confirm will be reading tis.. sry.. i really wan to give u a surprise.. but u alrdy noe wat is one of the present.. muz treasure tt present leh.. my poor hand suffer quite abit.. althought i can finish it within one day if i had bought enough of material.. lolx..

gillian, if u see tis muz respond to me leh.. how m i suppose to pass u ur valentine's day present with all my thoughts and loves inside? lolx.. shall i keep all the present tt i intend to give u till u come bac? i tink might be quite afew.. lolx.. u are always on my mind..

no use trying to repair anything when the other parties doesn even try and continue destroying it... really lookin forward to going fsrc..

9:05 PM

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

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finally a rest day at home.. i like very long nv the whole day stay at home and do my own stuff le.. but i still have to complete my report.. my dad also took leave to do spring cleaning todae.. lucky i need to write my report so i dun need to help him with the spring cleaning.. lolx.. for the past 2 yrs i also escape frm doing spring cleaning.. yr 2006 is cos working.. yr 2007 is cos exam.. then tis yr is cos need to write report and go sch come bac tired le.. lolx.. actually my parents very gd to me le tis few yrs..

last nite after i blog, gracia send me a msg to say sry to me for being harsh abt saying me leaving jialin alone.. i nv blame her for saying tt cos i really left jialin alone when she need my comfort the most.. its really my fault.. gracia u no need to say sry.. i really have been neglecting my friends lately.. is like our timing doesn meet.. i tink i still need more training to be more skill in balancing my time among my friends, dear, my family and my sch work.. i believe one day i can do it de.. my friends, pls be patient with while i "undergo" tis training.. dear, if i bu xiao xin neglect u u muz tell me.. dun keep it frm me..

thx ah ma for all ur care and concern.. i'm really fine.. g-mate lover, i promise i will be strong and be a pillar to jialin they all till u come bac.. lolx..

12:32 PM

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Friday, January 25, 2008

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alot of things happen todae.. got one shld be a happy news de but it made me and gracia cry..

after i finish eldc i went over to fsrc cos gracia and jialin down there.. when i reach there, they told me i got selected for the fund mgmt course thing.. i noe tt time i was totally shock.. i was like how can it be.. my gpa 3.076 leh.. then they told me they wasn jokin and gillian got in the fund mgmt thing too but jialin didn make it.. at tt moment i really dunnoe whetehr to happy anot.. is like eventually i will still be separated frm some of my friends.. i dun like.. y is the sch so cruel to always separate us.. first is separate me frm jialin they all for tep now is the fund mgmt.. i dun like to be separated frm my love ones.. i dun like..

then on the bus tt time when i finally got some quiet time, i tried very hard to stop my tear frm flowing out but it still flow out.. i still thought onli my left eye cryin ah boon wldn notice.. but dunnoe how come he still noe.. was glad tt at least at tt pt he is by my side to comfort me.. thx dear.. i need tt alot..

then jus now tokin to gracia online then tok until halfway we 2 cried.. lolx.. really very scare tt we will be separated 4ever.. i dun wan.. i love my jie mei alot.. i dun want to be separated frm them.. i also dun wan to be separated frm dear.. y can't the sch jus let me have my way in yr3..

todae is also the day the posting for round 3 come out.. i confirm is go fsrc cos tt is my course compulsory stopover.. was abit sad when i noe tt jialin and gracia going MSC not ELDC.. nxt time i at fsrc tt time cannot go visit them.. cos MSC at downstair.. i will miss them alot..

y is all tis happening to me at one go.. i scare i cannot take it..

10:14 PM

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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***Your Personality Profile***
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You believe that you live a virtuous life...And you tend to judge others with a harsh eye.As a result, people tend to crave your approval.

The World's Shortest Personality Testhttp://www.blogthings.com/worldsshortestpersonalitytest/

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***What Janice Chang Means***

You are fair, honest, and logical. You are a natural leader, and people respect you.You never give up, and you will succeed... even if it takes you a hundred tries.You are rational enough to see every part of a problem. You are great at giving other people advice.

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You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable.

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Abit true abit not true.. lolx..

12:58 PM

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writing report halfway then come blog.. lolx.. ran out of ideas wat to write for my report.. my report is like halfway done le.. so happy.. lolx.. was like makin no progress last wk until i read thru guojie's report.. his report gave me some ideas of how to write my report.. lolx.. but jasmine more pro.. she write finish her summary report le.. she now doing her personal selling report.. lolx..

ytd was on leave so need not come to eldc.. i tink my body ownself auto adjust to after around 8hrs of slp it will auto wake up.. so i ytd around 9am wake up le.. since i wake up early so i reach dear's hse early.. lolx.. i reach his hse tt time he jus wake up and changed not long.. lolx.. lazy piggy.. slp so long.. went his hse to watch saw4.. was super gross and scary la.. there were afew parts which i kind of hide my head behind the pillow.. lolx.. oh man.. i still can rmb some of the scenes inside my head.. lucky didn have nitemare last nite.. i slept thru the nite.. lolx.. was kind of tired.. lolx.. i guess onli dear noe y ba.. lolx..

miss lover G-mate so much.. was chatting with her last nite.. but hor.. i still prefer her to be by my side leh.. i still prefer she standing in front of me tokin to me.. lolx.. wonder she got grow fat anot.. grow fat shld be better ba.. cos down there cold.. need fats to help keep warm.. lolx..

10:29 AM

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Monday, January 21, 2008

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slackin in eldc now.. the client change the meeting time frm 9am to 10.30am.. feeling abit better then ytd but still feeling so weak.. the pain is like going on and off.. trying all means to prevent it frm getting cold.. dunnoe y till now i still feel like how shld i say.. erm.. like still in slping mode like tt.. my head got abit pain.. dunnoe izzit last nite slp too much or my body is currently too weak..

was actually abit disappointed when i didn see dear at his bus stop todae.. but after a while when i saw him walkin towards my bus i was very happy.. lolx.. my pain like half disappear le.. was missing him cos sun nv get to see him..

hope todae the client will be please with the flash then no need to change.. like tt i then can enjoy my holiday tml.. if not have to worry tis and tt.. lolx..

9:28 AM

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

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jus finish my light dinner.. didn eat much.. a drank a big bowl of campbell soup, one piece of bread and one piece of ham.. lolx.. i actually feel very bloated after tt.. shld be cos i wasn feeling very gd ba.. i slept frm 5pm to 8.30pm.. was feeling very giddy and having cramp.. dunnoe y tis time around i feel tt way.. maybe cos nowadays didn have ample rest ba.. so body was not in its top condition when my "auntie"come.. actually wanted to jus continue slpin until then nxt morning de but i rmb wat dear told me, dun ever miss any meal nxt time.. lolx.. although he is not by my side when i feel weak but i can feel his love and presence surrounding me.. hehe.. and also wan thx my G-mate lover for her care and concern.. lolx.. will definately take gd care of myself de..

ytd went for dear's ah gong bday celebration.. hmm.. how shld i say.. i was at first super duper scared and afraid when we jus reach the place.. b4 we reach the place i was still preparing myself to call all his aunties and uncles but dunnoe y when reach tt place i like mute like tt.. felt so useless and nearly wanted to cry.. dunnoe y tis prob keep following me.. sry dear.. i didn meant to not call ur relative de.. but for ur sake.. i will try very hard to change tis prob de..

the food was nice.. didn rmb very clearly how many dish were there.. was quite full when it reaches the desert.. lolx.. sort of enjoy myself thx to dear.. cos he didn leave me there all alone.. he was beside me all along.. actually after tt wan go his hse to stayover de as it was quite late liao but my dad didn allow cos the nxt day was sun so have to go church.. but was lucky tt my dad didn allow if not i really dunnoe how to deal with my "auntie" in his hse.. lolx..

10:14 PM

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Friday, January 18, 2008

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so tired but here i m blogging.. lolx.. i waiting for my hair to dry.. so cannot slp yet.. whenever i look into the mirror, i can easily spot my hei yan quan lor.. all tt tep fault.. last time dun have de lor.. i look so ugly with hei yan quan lor.. seriously lack of slp..

hope tt dear will fully recover by tml with planty of rest.. i quite worry abt him.. he sick then recover then nxt day again like tt.. on and off.. i really rather i sick lor.. cos i sick is once then will very fast recover de.. tml will be a long day for him.. i really scare his body cannot take it..

other then worrying abt dear.. i miss my lover.. lolx.. hope she is healthy and taking gd care of herself.. dun let me worry for u hor.. i alrdy got a "naughty boy" in singapore le.. lolx..

10:10 PM

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so happy.. dear recover liao.. lolx.. was so glad when he msg me tis morning sayin he ok le.. lolx.. i guess losing my slp worrying abt him is worth it ba.. lolx..

8:50 AM

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

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oh no.. todae i cried alot sia.. in sch cry.. at home watch tv also cry.. my sch com dunnoe wat happen.. i do the flash halfway then suddenly auto close the program leh.. then at first i thought nvm cos b4 tt i got save.. then i kana shock leh.. cos other then auto close the flash program, the com went to delete the file tt i save in my thumbdrive.. i see liao hor.. i went to the toilet cry lor.. first time cry abit onli.. but after see dear's msg i cry even more.. todae is such a bad day for me.. haiz..

8:28 PM

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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dunnoe y i suddenly find myself abit useless.. how come ppl can do personal selling so well then me.. haiz.. even with my friends help in spreading the news, my sales is like so super low lor.. abit depress.. then nearly cried when dear told me his dad friends buying frm him add up to 18kg of bak kwa.. actually dear got say if his sales gd then he will transfer some sales to my name.. i actually sort of "shouted"at him on msn.. sry dear.. didn mean to fa pi qi at u de.. i jus find tt u shld be recognise for the hardwork and effort u put in.. although teacher got say the sales amount doesn matter.. is the process tt matter but somehow i still feel tt the sales cannot be so low.. haiz.. i tink nowadays my mood will swing.. wat has to come will come soon.. haiz..

8:17 PM

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had a long chat with aiqun jus now on phone.. lolx.. so long nv tok to her le.. she sort of help me kill boredom.. lolx.. tok until my batt frm 50% become 20%.. lolx.. pro hor.. dunnoe whether the 20% of batt can last me till i reach home ma.. lolx.. if not maybe i shld borrow charger frm siti.. hehe..

lucky i haven apply my 29th Jan leave ar.. dear got suddenly changes.. he say his teacher say the handover period change to the wk after CNY.. hmm.. wonder eldc need to come bac for tt 3 days ma.. if no need then got extra holiday le.. yeah.. lolx..

i really do flash until sian ar.. do until numb le.. lolx.. i really have no idea how to write the eldc summary report leh.. so hard to write.. then still need to write the personal selling report.. haiz.. how come need to write so many reports de.. i dun like to write reports.. lolx..

10:27 AM

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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haiz.. personal selling so hard.. ask so many of my friends le but alot of them say will consider.. i very scare in the end my sales cannot hit $100 lor.. how how.. how come much have tis personal selling thing.. somemore the price so ex lor.. can't they charge cheaper.. if the price cheaper then easier to sell lor.. haiz..

gillian ar gillian ar.. y u go finland.. lolx.. if u nv go finland then can help me buy le.. lolx.. jus jkin.. as it get closes to CNY i tink i will miss u even more.. CNY is the time of reunion but u and mariana not in Singapore with us.. then cannot go jialin hse eat steamboat and play with us.. sad leh.. miss u so so so much..

10:16 PM

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so tired.. now have to rush out a proj.. tt stupid fuan la.. nv tell us is muz re-do the whole thing.. then in the end go meet charlie ng tt time sort of kana suan.. his fault la.. then onli got a few days to do.. fri 4.30 have to show charlie ng again.. qi si wo le.. my flu getting better le.. but still got like abit block.. lolx.. haiz.. have to go do proj le.. so sad..

2:04 PM

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Monday, January 14, 2008

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pain pain.. i sort of bu xiao xin scratch until my own thumb when washing the dishes jus now.. suddenly thought of dear.. he wldn let me get hurt de.. he will protect me like a little flower.. lolx..

came online to ask my friends whether they wan buy CNY goodies or valentine's day cookies frm me.. have to do tis personal selling thing.. so hard.. now then noe i got alot of supportive friends.. THANK YOU ALL MY FRIENDS WHO SUPPORTED ME!

todae go home tt time dear's CSC friend call him a perfect bf.. lolx.. hmm.. is he really a perfect bf? lolx.. i tink he is wor.. lolx.. annabel got nth but praises abt him lor.. lolx.. he take super gd care of me.. know how to make me laugh noe how to make me happy when i feel sad.. i feel safe and well-taken care of when i'm with him.. lolx.. he noe my likes and dislikes.. dun i sound so xing fu.. lolx..

8:45 PM

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sian sian sian.. eldc so sian.. i still feel sian even though i have a proj on hand.. dun feel like doing it.. lolx.. sat was fun.. went out with annabel in the afternoon then we went marina sq to buy xingyee's present.. her present make us very headache ar.. lolx. cos her taste and our taste diff so things tt we like she might not like and things tt she like we might not be able to noe how to choose it.. lolx.. ate BK for my lunch.. was super duper yummy.. lolx.. i very long nv eat BK le.. i tink BK can be considered to be my favourite fast food.. lolx.. one mushroom swiss burger and i will be super happy.. lolx..

had a long chat with bel at one small wu lu corner of the suntec exhibition area.. lolx.. i like tt corner very much cos nobody then very quiet.. lolx.. dear came to find me during evening time.. or shld i say i ask him to come find me.. lolx..

i reach my hse downstair at around 9plus but i reach my hse door at 11pm.. lolx.. me and dear had some "quiet time" downstair.. lolx.. erm.. and we did some M18 stuff.. lolx.. was glad to hear tt aiqun finally got bac her freedom liao.. congratz wor.. no bf to go out with u still got jie mei wat.. we will be there for u.. but u need to share my time with dear.. lolx..

had 1 swt dream and 1 nitemare ytd.. lolx.. the swt dream was really swt.. lolx.. i dreamt of dear but i can't really rmb wat happen.. but i got a shock when i open my eyes and saw my sis face.. lolx.. i rather see dear's face.. lolx.. lucky in between me and my sis got dale or else is super close to her face lor.. i dun wan to end up kissing her.. lolx.. the nitemare.. erm.. dun really want to tok abt it.. cos quite scary but i noe it wldn happen de.. lolx..

9:32 AM

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Friday, January 11, 2008

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lolx.. jus realise tis is the 3rd time i blog todae.. lolx.. really is sian until... er.. no.. shldn say sian.. cos 12pm tt time Mr. Fuan come eldc then gave my grp a new proj.. faint.. i edit the flash thing until 5.30pm liao i also dunnoe.. lolx.. of cos 1pm tt time i went for lunch la.. lolx.. i wldn torture my stomach de.. lolx.. my eyelids keep wan to close while doing lor.. is like suddenly no idea how to make it interesting.. lolx..

then todae keep seeing dear go toilet.. lolx.. so many times lor.. lolx.. CSC so many ppl but i onli like he go toilet tt much time.. lolx.. maybe cos he sick then drink more water ba.. if not he bladder prob.. lolx.. sry dear.. jus jkin.. lolx.. GET WELL SOON DEAR! dun make me so worry hor.. actually i dun mind being ur nurse one day de.. but sad.. i have to go out with annabel tml..

yeah.. saw gillian online.. tokin to her now.. lolx.. lover!!! i miss u so much.. althought can chat with u thru msn and noe ur condition thru ur blog but i still miss u.. now then realise u were so close to me.. lolx..

10:59 PM

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my friend jus send me tis e-mail.. i read liao very touching.. nearly cried but in eldc so muz control.. lolx.. i also got forward the mail to my friends.. but i still wan to post it here.. ALL GUYS OUT THERE.. TREASURE UR GF AND WIFE B4 ITS TOO LATE WOR!



妻子是 个小尾巴,我走到 哪里她都要问到哪里 . 我厌烦,她却 乐此不疲。 可是,这个小尾巴却在那个下着大雨的 深夜永远消失了.

我的心情非常难过,内心充满了内疚和痛楚 ,我无法原谅自己的过错。

结婚那天 ,老婆用买戒指的钱给我买了一款手机。

那天夜里 ,我们两人在 被窝里一遍遍地调试着手机 的响铃 .我们觉得 ,生活就像这铃声 ,响亮 , 悦耳,充满着憧憬和希望。 从那天开 始,我常常接到她的电话:

"老公, 下班了买点菜回家。

" 老公,我想你,我爱你。

" 老公,晚上一起去妈妈家吃饭。

"我 的心里十分温暖。

有一次,我忘了给手机充电,又恰好陪领导到基层,应 酬到半夜才回到家, 推开房 门一看,我发现老婆早已哭红了眼睛 。


老婆更加着急,总以为发生了什么意外,后来每隔十分钟打一 次, 直到我推开家门,她刚把话筒放下。

我对老婆的小题大做不以为然: " 我又不是小孩子,还能出什么事情 ?

"老婆却说有一种预感,觉得我不接电话就 不会回来了,我拍拍老婆的脑袋, 笑了: "傻瓜! "不过,从此以后我 一 直没有忘记及时给手机充电 。

后来我升了职,有了钱, 手机换了 好几个。

突然有一天,我想起欠着老 婆的那枚戒指,便兴冲冲地拉她去商厦。

可是她又犹豫了,说:" 白金钻戒套在手指上有什么用啊?给我买个 手机好吗? 我可以经常跟你联系。 " 于是我就给她买了一个手机。

那天,我们一个在卧室,一个在客 厅,互相发着短信息,玩得高兴极了。

一天夜里,我和同事到朋 友家玩牌,正玩在兴头上, 老婆打来 了电话:


"我在同事家里玩牌。 "

" 你什么时候回来? "

" 呆会儿吧 。 "

输了赢,赢了输, 老婆的电话打 了一次又一次。

外面下起了大雨, 老婆的电话又响了:" 你究竟在哪里?在干什么?快? 乩矗?

" 没告诉你吗 ?我在同事家玩,下这么大的雨我怎么回去! "

" 那你告诉我你在什么地方,我来接你! "

" 不用了! "一起打牌的朋友都嘲笑我 "妻管严 ",一气之下 , 我把手机关了。

天亮了,我输得两手空空,朋友用车子把我送回家,不料家门紧锁,老婆不在家。 就在这时,电话响了,是岳母打来的,电话那头哭着说:

"她深夜冒着雨出来 ,骑着自行车,带着雨伞去我同事家找 , 找了一家又一家,路上出了车祸,再也没有醒来。

我打开手机,只见上面有一条未 读留言: "你忘记了吗?今天是我们的结 婚周年纪念曰呀!我去找你 了,别乱 跑,我带着伞! "她走在找我的路上 ,永远不会再醒来了。

我泪流满面,一遍遍看着这条短信息,我觉得那 一个晚上我输了整个世界。

老婆去世已 经 3个月,可我仍然无法从噩梦中醒 来, 我不想工作,整曰消沉萎靡,并且一次次想到了陪她而去


11:35 AM

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oh no.. dear dear sick le.. so worried for him.. hope his flu faster go away.. i scare his body cannot take it then faint but he keep reassuring me he wldn.. lolx.. actually ask him todae dun go meet his friends go home rest de but he insist of going cos he want take his present frm his best friend who jus came bac frm taiwan.. piggy leh.. all he tink abt is his present.. make me so worry abt his health.. actually got thought of going with him de but.. nvm.. lolx.. since he say he can de then ok lor.. i also cannot use knife to threaten him rite..

still considering when to take my 4hrs leave.. shld i take it on CNY eve? or shld i take it with ah boon on the 25th Jan.. but if i take it on the 25th hor then i will have 2hrs earlier break then him leh.. dun tell me have to wait for him for 2 hrs meh.. hmm.. but i very lazy to help my mom with the hsework on CNY eve leh.. how how? but gracia and jasmine call me to take on CNY eve then no need wake up early jus to go sch for tt half day.. jasmine also takin leave on tt day.. hmm.. so fan.. CNY eve sure got nth to do de ma cos last day le.. i tink i sort of have a decision le ba.. lolx..

10:15 AM

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

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here i m blogging again.. lolx.. jus bath finish.. so refreshing.. lolx.. blowin my hair now too.. jus saw the pic tt we took during sis angelyn and bro puishang wedding.. not bad.. lolx.. i tink if i nv rmb wrongly i jus cut my hair tt time.. no wonder look abit weird.. lolx..

beside my family is auntie lisa and pastor mike.. they dote me and my sis alot.. i had alot of fun when i stayed at their hse when i was small.. its like so long since i last saw them.. lolx..

i like got a feeling my body recently like signaling me tt its getting weaker.. i feel cold very easily.. and feel tired easily too.. maybe lack of slp and i look at the com for too long le ba.. nvm.. one more mth then fsrc le.. i tink fsrc will be much better then eldc ba.. at least got ah boon by my side.. at least i can depend on him.. especially for projs.. lolx.. then i can slack.. lolx.. gd idea leh.. i wonder wat he will say after he read tis.. lolx.. will he say,"i wldn let u have the chance to slack?" dear.. can open one eye close one eye ma? lolx..

8:57 PM

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around 30min lata going home le.. yeah.. lolx.. todae is nyp open hse.. had my duty in the morning.. was super duper sian lor.. nth to do there de.. lucky got jasmine to tok to.. alot of ppl came for the open hse.. not bad wor.. but alot of them look older then me lor.. lolx..

the open hse also got tis push up thing ar.. is to support singapore in hosting the dunnoe wat youth olympic games in 2010.. lolx.. ah boon did 100 times..not bad wor.. he still say he cannot do more then 50 times.. i tink if i do ar.. really is cannot hit 50 times lor.. lolx.. down there got a dragon boat guy ar.. crazy de.. i tink he did more then 2000 push up.. he frm i tink 11am do until 3plus lor.. so supportive of Singapore.. lolx..

4:53 PM

~My Melancholy~

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

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sian ar sian ar.. jus finish my lunch break.. jus now eat with sebas they all.. so long nv eat with them le.. i frm morning watch 斗牛,要不要 until now.. got nth to do.. ah woon also haven brief us on ur new proj.. everything like muz wait utnil open hse finish..

finally todae get to see dear during lunch break.. everytime nv see him de.. then he everytime pass by eldc go break or toilet i also dunnoe.. lolx.. onli see him during go sch time when same bus or go home time.. i tink i sort of become very dependent on him.. abit abit then miss him le.. lolx.. i tink if he see tis he will be smiling.. lolx..

my lover G-mate.. i miss her so much.. wonder how is she le.. it seems to me like she not by my side for afew mths le but is onli less then 10days.. tml is 10 Jan le.. her first day for sch.. hope she will be able to concentrate on her studies and come bac with flying colours grades..

1:10 PM

~My Melancholy~

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

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finally sort of sort out my blog le.. quite sad.. ytd shldn have anyhow press the buttons.. if not my blog skin wldn have change.. went to read all my old post then found out tt i quite emo last time.. lolx.. but also found out tt i m such a easily-contented person.. lolx..

quite tired now cos ytd nite chat with dear on the phone till 10pm then he call me go bath.. lolx.. then after bathing i go read all my old post.. lolx.. saw gillian online last nite too.. lolx.. sort of had a long chat with her.. lolx.. she got ask me hows me and dear.. then being my lover, i feel like abit bad to hide frm her tt we kiss le.. so i told her.. Ah Boon, sry leh.. didn tell u tt i told gillian abt it.. but she very happy for me la.. lolx.. we 2 can be together, muz really thx her for her hardwork and effort.. lolx..

i very fan.. dunnoe wat to wear for dear's ah gong bday celebration.. i dun wan to wear until so outstanding but also cannot wear until too shui bian.. 6 tables leh.. got 60 ppl leh.. i tink i will most likely turn into an ice cube tt day ba.. dun tink will have wei kou to eat much ba.. lolx..

10:12 AM

~My Melancholy~

Monday, January 07, 2008

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lolx.. i finally found my blog le.. lolx.. it seems like so long since i last blog.. lolx.. i kind of lost my blog.. lolx.. till recently at eldc sian until nth to do then go find bac my blog..

i got one yr plus nv blog le.. alot of things happen during tis one yr.. got happy got sad de.. lolx.. happy is tt i m attached again.. lolx.. but i will nv forget how swt and gd my ex was.. he was the one who gave me the courage to fall in love again.. lolx.. Ah Boon.. muz thx him hor.. if not i wldn have the courage to accept you.. lolx..

i'm now at the second stopover of my internal attachment, eldc.. lolx.. quite slack there.. nth much to do there.. so i got alot of time to tink abt gillian.. miss gillian alot.. wonder is she still coping with the weather there.. lolx.. still got afew more mths b4 she comes bac..

11:21 AM

~My Melancholy~

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Wat i LIKE:
~ Shopping
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~ Watch TV
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~ Tickling dear(wahaha)

Wat i DUN like:
~ People lying to me
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~ Ugly-side of HUMAN NATURE
~ Bittergourd
~ Onion
~ Spider

~ To have my very own room
~ To be with dear 4eva


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