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Thursday, April 24, 2008

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i noe now is alrdy very late le but i'm still awake so i thought of blogging.. lolx.. and waiting for my hair tail to dry cos i jus finish bathing not long.. lolx..

it was so gd to be able to have dinner with jacQ, Bel and Fern.. super duper long nv see them le.. we went suntec food republic and ate fried prawn noodle.. the noodle not bad.. lolx.. after tt we started taking pics (as usual).. lolx.. alot of pics.. i tink the ppl around us tinks tt we are nuts or maybe some tink of "foreigner" lolx..

then we decided to change place cos the lighting wasn very gd.. we went to sit at the newly built fountain inside suntec.. the fountain and the lightings were very nice.. suitable for couples.. cos not much ppl there (maybe cos its around 7plus 8plus ba) lolx.. as usual we started taking super duper lots of pics.. i tell u.. is really alot.. i make alot of funny faces.. we were having so much fun and making so much noise there.. lolx.. after tt we realise got 2 guys (i tink is the workers there) not bad lookin keep looking at us lor.. i tink they 2 tinkin tt we 4 are nuts.. lolx..

really had so much fun jus now.. but sad.. i dun have the pics yet.. its with jacQ.. or else i can load it on blog too.. lolx..

11:46 PM

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is morning was so nice to slp as it was raining.. finally raining.. lolx.. last few days was like summer sia.. but hope at nite wldn rain cos i having dinner with jacQ, bel and fern.. so long nv see them le.. miss them.. lolx..

ytd dear came my hse with 10 muffins.. ke xi.. i forgot to take pics of it then now onli left with 2 of it.. lolx.. the muffins were nice especially the bannana one.. actually the double chocolate also not bad but somehow the size seems smaller then the rest.. lolx.. but i abit not happy.. cos i have to share tt 10 muffins with my family.. haiz.. i onli manage to eat one bannana, quarter of double chocolate, quarter of orange peel & raisin and half of cheese.. but nvm la.. its dear thoughts tt counts.. i very touched le.. he travel alot jus to buy tt muffins for me..

come to tink of tt.. i tink i like nv really do anything for dear.. lolx.. always is he do things tt touched me.. lolx..

yeah.. Gillian coming bac around one mth time.. really miss her alot.. but i really worried for her.. wonder will i be of help to her to help her catch up with the lecs and tuts she miss during the first 3 wks..

11:05 AM

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

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had a painful day todae.. dunnoe y tis month so painful maybe cos morning i drank a cup of cold honey water ba.. lolx.. naughty me.. had a nap in the afternoon cos it was way too painful.. now feeling better le.. if not i wldn be blogging.. lolx..

went for our mini class gathering ytd.. mini cos onli eight of us turned up.. jasmine, nicole, yongxian, guojie, ah boon, simon, aiqun and me.. but nvm.. we had fun cycling at east coast.. and basil turned up for dinner after passing his BTT.. congratz basil.. lolx.. its like so long since i last cycle during our class chalet.. i really enjoy cycling.. lolx.. we took some pics on the way and at the beach.. it was really windy and sunny at the same time but tt didn bother us.. lolx..

really had lots of fun ytd.. was hoping tt jialin, gracia and especially gillian was there..

9:10 PM

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Friday, April 11, 2008

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todae is the last day in FSRC.. hooray.. finally.. i feel so relax suddenly.. my burden all disappear liao.. lolx.. but i fall sick le.. i keep coughing non-stop.. i thought i going to have sore throat soon but dun have.. i jus keep coughing non-stop.. dunnoe.. very irritating.. plus i got slight flu.. haiz.. maybe the days in FSRC has really make me very tired ba..

i wonder wat i will do during the 2 wks break.. i guess i might rot at home.. lolx..

7:32 PM

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

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finally blogging after disappearing for such a long time.. tml is the last day of FSRC.. FINALLY.. i really sort of had enough of FSRC le.. being a gd class rep is such a difficult thing to do lor.. everyday u have to tink of alot of excuses in case the teacher comes in and some of the ppl haven come yet.. is like no matter how u help them to lessen the number of warning letter tt they might get, ppl wldn like wake up and one day decide not to ma fan u with all the shity stuffs..
i really SICK & TIRED of helping them.. how i wish other then dear, my jie mei(s) are also with me to support me but they are all busy with their things.. i really miss gillian.. really miss all the support tt she always give me.. it has always been of great help..

6:48 PM

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Wat i LIKE:
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~ Tickling dear(wahaha)

Wat i DUN like:
~ People lying to me
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~ Bittergourd
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~ Spider

~ To have my very own room
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