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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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feeling very weak now.. my energy lvl like stuck at 50%.. have been using too much energy todae for all the researching and tinkin.. my energy lvl now like left 25% onli..

jus now my heart suddenly beat super duper fast.. fast until i got breathing difficulties.. no choice have to sit down and try very hard to breathe.. i very scare.. i dunnoe wat happen to me.. i dun wan to go hospital again becoz of the breathing prob.. i dun wan..

dear was so gd to me.. he pei me sit 72 bac to tamp when he noe i not feeling very well.. i noe in my heart he is also tired and hungry.. but he insist of pei-ing me to tamp.. i sort of slept for the whole journey.. first time i slept so well on 72.. cos i noe hes beside me.. i noe in his heart he very worry abt my health.. dun worry dear.. i wldn let myself collapse de..

7:42 PM

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Monday, February 18, 2008

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officially takin over yvonne's duty and the fsrc room todae.. so tired todae.. have been doing research abt UOB the whole day.. nv play games or go for long lunch break.. stress ar.. cannot really find all the info tt we need.. hope i will have more ideas on improving UOB's future.. tml we will be able to do everything as we have planned b4 hand.. jiayou!

was wondering wat really happen to my body.. did i really having tt or is my body signalling me tt its going headwire? haiz.. really hope is having tt.. but no matter wat i wldn let it affect the speed of my grp's proj..

todae scare me ar.. i thought dear angry with me for keeping things frm him.. scare until i dun dare to tok to him.. lucky he not angry.. lolx.. aiyo.. i noe i promise him b4 tt i wldn keep anything frm him de.. i really didn mean to de.. i promise i will try my best.. lolx..

7:59 PM

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Friday, February 15, 2008

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SCARY!!!!! i jus finish my presentation on russian financial crisis.. super duper scary.. lolx.. Mr. Ramesh look so fierce lor.. haven present i started to shiver lor.. then at the Q and A session, i completely dunno how to ans him lor.. scary..

11:00 AM

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Monday, February 11, 2008

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finally.. my first wk in fsrc.. super duper sian.. cos is like my first wk is clash with another grp's last wk.. the sch ar.. dunnoe how to plan de leh.. they shld give us one wk holiday ma.. then i no need to wake up so early todae.. then also no need to rot here alone.. jasmine took 2 days MC and 1 day leave then ah boon thur then join me.. i tink simon worse.. fri then join in.. sian leh.. y muz i be frm eldc de.. i rather i msc or csc de.. at least wldn have to rot..

tis yr CNY was like okok.. collected more ang bao cos i went to dear's hse.. first time in my life to bai nian to my bf's parents.. i have nv done tt b4 for my 2 previous bf.. didn have the feeling to go to their hse or bai nian with their parents.. lolx.. hmm.. maybe tis is my fated husband le ba.. lolx.. dear confirm will say yes if he saw tis.. lolx.. but i still considering hor.. i nv say i die die muz marry u de hor.. lolx..

took some pics on the first day of CNY but cos now in sch so cannot upload the pics.. will upload the pics when i reach home.. lolx..

valentine's day coming.. i wonder how will i spend it tis yr.. lolx..

11:44 AM

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

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sian.. now eldc left with 7 ppl onli.. 16 ppl took leave todae.. lolx.. super empty.. then jus now i went walk walk.. dunnoe frm wat time walk until wat time.. lolx.. lucky i came bac b4 mr. woon came bac.. lolx.. so guai wor.. lolx.. todae is the official last day for me in eldc.. wahaha.. bye eldc.. lolx.. fsrc is waiting for me le.. lolx..

3:14 PM

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

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todae is really like a walkin day for me.. morning have to pei my mom go see dentist at BLK 201 there.. then have to walk like around 15mins there.. then reach there 9plus tt person say need to wait until 11.30am.. faint.. nvm.. so we went walk walk around tt area.. then went bac to tt clinic tt time onli 10plus.. so wait until around 11.30am then her turn.. glad i went in with her.. can see tt she was very scare.. lolx.. when the doc help her pull out her decay tooth out tt time can see she very pain even though the doc alrdy help her ma pi le.. poor mom..

after tt she look really like half dead like tt.. lolx.. then i took care of everything like the payment and doc advise.. lolx.. the doc gave me see her decay tooth.. gross leh.. half of tt tooth decay le.. eee.. then the doc say her wisdom tooth also affected le.. then i have to go home and discuss with my dad cos the operation for wisdom can cost up to $500.. so ex leh.. dunnoe wat my dad will say..

finally print out both my summary and personal selling report le.. finally no need to look at it le.. last few weeks keep staring at it and editing it.. stare until my eye balls nearly drop out.. lolx.. dear jiayou wor.. u confirm can finish ur report on time de.. u always manage to finish everything on time and of high quality.. lolx.. i believe in u.. dun be so stress wor..

time files so fast.. nxt wk is my last wk in eldc le.. after tt i will be in fsrc liao.. reunion with my group C ppl.. lolx.. but i tink i will miss angie they all.. those in grp A.. going to separate class liao due to the fund mgmt thing.. haiz.. promise gracia tt our click will meet at least once a wk for gatherin.. i will surely miss them alot de..

really enjoy e-mailing my lover.. lolx.. her mail really cheer me up alot.. she gave me alot of precious encouragement inside the mail.. THX GÏLLIAN! lolx.. i really need them alot..

i like addicted to tattoo tis song le.. the song really very nice.. the first time i heard it in eldc i fall in love with it.. lolx.. then until recently tt i went to search for tt song.. lolx.. have been listening to tt song.. dunnoe repeat how many times le.. lolx..

4:00 PM

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Friday, February 01, 2008

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oh man.. i found out tt i got tis prob.. i tend to not say out how i really feel.. i will like consider alot of factors b4 saying out the best decision tt i tink it is.. collect alot of goods todae.. super heavy.. especially the brownies.. i thought i will be like one of the not so much things de then in the end i got 2 big plastic bags for cookies and brownies.. carry until my both hands red red pain pain.. then daddy until around 6.30pm then will reach.. oh my.. dunnoe wat m i going to do or where m i going to wait b4 my dad come..

actually got dear pei me wait de.. but suddenly his dad got sth on.. then canot come fetch him.. then he sitting yx's dad car bac.. wanted very much to ask him to pei me wait for my dad but i cannot be so selfish.. he also got a few bags of bak kwa and cookies too.. if pei me liao then he need sit bus home then very ma fan.. so i kept my mouth shut.. haiz..

3:31 PM

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