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Monday, April 27, 2009

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i dunnoe wat to do.. i really dunnoe.. 

i dun wan to force him but ppl are forcing me and giving me pressure..

but when i gathered all my courage to do so, he often show great resistance which makes me feel so tired, helpless and weak.. 

i seriously dunnoe wat to do..

trying to stay happy and not get affected by it while looking for the best solution..

i noe it is a prob tt i can nv avoid.. 

3:16 PM

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As wat i have promise... Pic of my 2 new dress..

3:03 PM

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had a long and tiring day todae..

after church my dad brought us to bugis to shop cos my mom pester him to bring her go tis fashion buy clothes cos tis mth is my auntie's bday and the tis fashion card belongs to her.. lolx.. which means more discount..

it started raining when we were having our lunch.. so somehow stuck at the hawker centre then my dad in the end order desserts to eat.. lolx.. spend time 'wisely' there.. lolx.. 

initially didn have the thought of buying any clothes frm tis fashion de.. cos the clothes there getting more auntie each time.. but somehow i saw afew piece which are pleasing.. lolx.. in the end i bought 2 dress.. lolx.. both associated to purple.. lolx.. will post the pic another time.. hehe.. 

but i like abit regret not buying tt another piece.. its actually sth like a black vest frm behind but infront look like cardigan.. dun really noe how to explain.. gracia and jialin might noe.. cos we 3 were hoping to buy sth similar to it.. but hor.. tt thing actually comes together wif a very ugly t-shirt.. i scare my parents wldn allow me to buy and 'throw' the t-shirt away so in the end i didn buy.. but i keep tinking of it frm jus nw till nw.. its very nice and cheap somemore.. haiz.. shld i go bac and buy behind my parents back?

had 3 mosq bites on my leg.. the one on my right leg toe actually look swollen.. dunnoe y.. find it very irritating.. 

suddenly yearn for someone to cuddle me to slp.. lolx..

12:55 AM

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Friday, April 24, 2009

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forgot a very impt thing.. i wan to thanks jiaen for helping to change my blogskin and adding song to my blog.. THANK YOU!!!

i now at jialin hse.. lolx.. staying over at her hse tonite cos tml need to go sch very very early.. go her hse slp can slp abit more.. lolx.. poor us.. lolx..

11:21 PM

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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OH YES!! 김범 / Kim Bum who acted as xi men in the korean version of liu xing hua yuan is older then me.. by around 1mth.. lolx.. he super super handsome lor.. so gentle to xiao you inside the show.. the scene where he help xiao you revenge again her ex-bf.. so swt.. i got smitten by him.. his height of 181cm has hit my bf approve height.. lolx.. 

김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong who acted as Huaze Lei also handsome.. older then me 3yrs.. his height also fulfil my height requirement.. wahaha.. my sis intro me to a song sang by his grp (SS5001) call 'Ur Man' then it sort of stayed inside my brain.. dunnoe y.. 

But overall, i like Kim Bum more while my sis like Kim Hyun Joong more.. i guess is their style and our taste diff ba.. wahaha..

11:43 PM

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my thumb sort of swollen.. lolx.. i got 2 mosq bites on my right thumb.. so itchy.. 

i tink econs lesson is going to kill me soon.. its getting harder..

recently i got tis sudden feel (not really urge) to buy cosmentic.. lolx.. weird.. its really sudden.. cos last time i find putting makeup is a waste of time cos i dunnoe how to put and my skin itsn tt very gd.. lolx.. but somehow ppl cannot deny the fact tt makeup do make ppl look nicer.. lolx.. shld i? lolx..

lolx.. i'm now looking at the fridge delivery man installing my hse new fridge.. lolx.. ya.. my hse got 2 fridge now.. it seems like my mom is feeding pigs.. lolx.. but somehow.. both my sis and i dun really grow.. lolx..

6:30 PM

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Monday, April 20, 2009

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fianlly here to update my blog.. lolx..

started with my bridging course le.. wat can i say.. its really very hard but i'm still able to catch up with wat the teacher had taught.. weird timtable of nite and extreme morning lessons.. my aim now is to pass bridging and ignore all offers frm local uni unless they offer degree in accountancy to me.. lolx.. which i tink i will onli happen in my dreams.. lolx..

seriously i tink after my uni life, i wldn mind travelling frm one end till the another end cos i will get used to it during the 2yrs in uni.. 

graduation ceremony on 25th may.. not inviting anyone.. gave up my 2 invitation to jialin.. doubt tt i will be going out after tt cos everyone have either their parents or friends there to support them.. my parents are onli intrerested in my uni graduation.. can u imagine that my parents will be able to settle all the uni graduation ceremony within 4yrs.. lolx.. nxt yr my sis after tt will be me then 4yrs lata my younger sis.. 

other then attending lessons, i have been rotting at home.. no money so have to stay at home.. i manage to find a cheap new bag and sandal for myself.. seems like i going to be like a auntie soon..  finding everywhere for cheap stuff.. hope that after bridging i will be able to find a temporary job.. got a feeling shld be retail cos i tink tts the onli job tt i can continue wif even after sch officially starts.. unless i find another home data entry job again (impossible i tink)..

time spend with dear.. getting lesser each mth.. he currently working at IRAS now.. i tink tis situation will continue even after he enter army.. getting used to it now.. 'single' during wkdays, attached on wkends.. lolx.. jokes.. 

have been hoping and praying hard tt he receive an offer letter frm any one of the local uni.. wanted to tell him tt its local uni loss if they dun send him the offer letter.. SIM-UOL itsn a bad choice after all.. shorter.. faster.. with honors.. nearer to ur hse.. no matter wat at least he have a backup.. wanted him not to worry so much.. but whenever it hits tis topic, i will sort of have disagreement with him.. somehow it seems to be the topic which i'm extremely sensitive to.. 

i manage to find part of the cheerful me bac.. didn really tink so much nowadays.. have been laughing alot too.. maybe its true tt i lose the initial me by giving myself too much pressure, trying to hit my dad's high expectation..

4:17 PM

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