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Friday, July 18, 2008

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had a tiring wk tis wk.. but to me is very enjoyable.. lolx.. cos i celebrated my one yr anniversary with dear on wed.. lolx.. somemore tt day onli got gso from 9am to 10am.. lolx.. so we had a long celebration.. hehe..

after sch we went bac to his hse first to put his present and take my present.. had a short rest while he go bath, change and wax his hair.. lolx.. i waited until my stomach hungry.. lolx.. after tt he ask me go toilet so i very guai go toilet.. but tts when he is up to no gd.. lolx.. when leaving his rm i found my bag abit untidy and fat so i go open my bag.. i got a shock.. lolx.. cos at first he told me he giving me 2 bags for present onli so i thought tis time round no surprise liao.. but i found a pink colour box inside my bag.. lolx.. his third present for me, a pink colour wallet.. i was super surprise and touched.. lolx..

we had our lunch at suntec pizza hut.. a really full and enjoyable lunch i shld say.. after tt we went to walk suntec and marina sq.. when walking, dear say he got another surprise for me.. he say he bringing me to the singapore flyer.. at first i thought he joking... then i say not funny.. then he say he not bluffing leh.. i super shock lor.. singapore flyer very ex leh.. but tts the activity for tt nite.. lolx..

jus when i thought he got no more surprises for me.. he suddenly told me after dinner tt he got another surprise for me.. my third surprise for the day.. lolx.. he ask me sit down and open my bag present.. so i open and saw a blouse and a watch inside.. lolx.. he bought me a total of 5 presents leh.. lolx.. i was super duper touched.. my tears nearly flow out but i controlled cos public leh.. lolx..

we were so lucky lor.. we had a cabin all to ourselve for the singapore flyer.. lolx.. cos at nite not much ppl.. lolx.. cool rite.. the view up there super beautiful.. lolx.. but a pity both of our hp no flash de.. so all the pics we took all dark dark de.. if dear tell me earlier then i will have brought my digital cam le.. but if he tell me earlier then no surprise le.. lolx..

i really enjoyed myself tt day.. thank you dear for all the surprises and presents u had gave me.. i noe u dote me the most le.. lolx.. and also the one who spoil me the most.. lolx..

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Friday, July 11, 2008

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todae simon bday.. so being nice i gave him a bday msg early in the morning to wake him up.. lolx.. tis is to prevent him frm reaching late again for proj.. but somehow he reached sch at 11am when our meetin time is 10am.. but nvm.. cos his parents gave him a small surprise.. i shall forgive him since its his bday.. lolx..

super tired now cos slept around 12.30am ytd.. but compared to gracia, jialin and kim.. small case.. they all either didn slp or slept onli for afew hrs.. poor thing.. have to rush out their cmfi report and presentation.. but its all over for them.. left my class haven present yet..

got bac my investment results todae.. it actually decide the size of the ice-cream i treating phua jia and gracia.. lolx.. i told them say if i win 3 out of 4 bets i will treat them swensen or ben and jerry.. but so sad.. i manage to win 2 out of our 4 bets.. lolx.. maybe i see la.. but i still treating them swensen.. but not at tis period of time cos i'm officially broke now..

i'm broke cos i jus bought a dress todae.. lolx.. i bought it specially for wed.. lolx.. me and dear one yr anniversary.. i want to give dear a very big surprise.. lolx.. so i cannot pose the pic up yet.. hehe.. but i scare end up will be a very big surprise to those who going to see me on wed.. lolx.. gracia they all say lata i wear tt then dear go wear t-shirt, they will faint.. lolx.. dear.. if u saw tis blog i guess u shld noe wat to do ba..

but hor.. actually he can go home and change de la.. cos i dun tink i wan him to bring his present with him everywhere he go.. i scare make spoil.. lolx.. but in the end is see his decision la.. lolx..

hope everything will go very smoothly for everybody nxt wk.. can sense tt many ppl are falling sick.. so to all my friend, pls take gd care of ur health..

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Monday, July 07, 2008

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so tired todae.. having backache and leg ache todae.. and not forgetting neck ache.. lolx.. got bac both ica1 and ica2 for crm.. was super nervous and scary b4 i got bac my results.. had a bad feeling.. cos for ica2 i'm like the onli person teacher terminated my service.. the onli person tt didn manage to keep the customer frm terminating her service.. then i thought i did badly for service recovery.. but looking at the marks.. can say got happy and sad.. happy cos i did quite well.. lolx.. sad cos my ica1 i miss A by 1.5marks and for ica2 i miss A by 2 marks.. and sad cos dear didn really do well.. but he also nv do very badly.. then see he like abit sad sad de.. somemore b4 tt he still an wei me say i wldn do very badly de..

Finally finish my grp's cmfi report todae.. lolx.. actually most of the credit goes to yunting and guojie.. they 2 are really like the pillars of my grp.. hope my little parts are of some significants.. lolx.. but last of all i really wan to commit everything to the Lord's hand.. pray tt the presentation will be a smooth one.. and my grp will be able to pluck the A frm teacher's hand..

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

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sat went to gracia's friends hse for blood test.. to help her friend for her FYP.. had 6small holes on my fingers now.. lolx.. ok la.. not pain de.. but abit worrying.. cos the blood test thing is to test how fast our blood react to the sugar tt we drink or eat.. then my initial amount higher then other ppl.. so my sugar lvl abit higher then ppl.. after tt my sugar lvl increase until quite high.. highest i tink.. worrying leh.. i scare i got abit diabetes leh.. dear say i muz cut down on my sugar intake and drink more water.. haiz.. how can a person who like to eat sweet things resist the temptation.. haiz.. took a pic while waiting for gracia..

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

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TEP award todae.. yeah!! really wan to thanks those lecturers of FSRC for giving me tis outstanding performance award.. was a wonderful ceremony.. they gave us 2 super small bottle of perfume for door gift.. lolx.. and their refreshments taste nice too.. lolx.. come to tink of tt.. actually i abit miss the tep days.. althought need to wake up super early everyday and go home in squeezy buses, at least the days are much more relaxing compare to now.. took some pics.. lolx.. but still got more pics with gracia.. lolx..
feeling abit moody now.. i can sense tt 2 of my sec sch friends actually blame me for not turning up for the gathering todae.. both of them said that i didn have a gd time management.. one even said tt i didn try to set aside time for them.. i wonder have they tried standing at my position and tink.. the gatherings always falls on days which i have presentation or during the period where i need to rush afew projs on hand at the same time.. i hardly have enough slp everynite..
i noe tt they are also busy but i can't always leave my group to struggle by themselves while i go enjoy myself.. make me look as if i very irresponsible.. i really m very sry to the 3 of them.. hope they can understand my situation..


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