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Thursday, May 11, 2006

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i hate my younger sis.. jus becoz she finish her mid-yr liao then she bring home the da chang jin cd to watch.. i so busy now lor.. then she still want to watch at tis time.. make me cannot watch.. my mom call her to wait for me to watch together then she say, " wat if her projects nv ending how.." i hate her.. she so inconsiderate leh.. she exam tt time everybody muz keep quiet.. u make too much noise she will give u a very black face.. not fair lor.. i study tt time also nv like tt.. i dunnoe y i suddenly feel so weak.. i feel so helpless.. feel like breakin down any moment.. i behave to be very strong in front of my friends n classmate.. i feel more worse when i found myself to be grped wif a very unless guy.. a guy which dun do things in proj de.. so unlucky lor.. everything have to sort of do myself.. lucky still got bindu.. i still have to find my confidence bac for the effective oral ICA1..

i didn tell him all tis cos i dun want to add more burden to him.. recently alot of things happen to him too.. he also feel very weak at tis point.. maybe tis is the time to be stronger then b4 ba.. hope i will be able to handle..

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Friday, May 05, 2006

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i haven say finish.. lolx.. very long hor.. lolx.. after everybody eat finish dinner rite.. my dad n auntie started calculating money.. want give my cousin n those China aunties.. then my augustine, both my sis n i watched the "show" lolx.. my auntie gave my cousin the money then my cousin dun want take.. all tis type lor.. lolx.. my cousin say no need la.. lata they nxt time dun dare to come s'pore.. then my auntie say wat tis is 2 diff thing.. all those type of words lor.. lolx.. then we 4 like giggling at the side.. lolx.. interesting show.. in the end my cousin accept i forgot is s'pore $1000 or down there money $1000 which means s'pore $20.. shld be s'pore $$ ba.. then we went bac to hotel early.. cos need wake up early tml to catch the plane.. lolx..going bac s'pore le..

going bac s'pore tt day, alot of ppl came to the hotel to sort of see us the "last time".. lolx.. they all ate breakfast wif us in the hotel.. yeah.. they ordered my favourite sandwiches.. memory not bad ar.. lolx.. i tink i ate 2 ba.. lolx.. quite sad to leave tt place.. b4 we letf the hotel we took group photos.. lolx..

centre is wang tao then the 2 person beside him is my 2 cousin guang kai n guang lan..

my 2 China aunties standing infront of their son..

we took tis in the airport.. lolx..
my dad told us say we will come bac to haina island again after they repair finish the old hse roof.. yeah.. shld be either end of the yr or nxt yr chi new yr.. yeah.. by then i will ahve a new image.. cos my hair will be long.. trying hard to have my hair grow bac to last time long hair period.. but tis time is side parting.. lolx.. or maybe wait till wang tao get marry then we go bac.. lolx..

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now tok abt the third day.. third day can consider the shopping day ba.. we bought most of our friends present there.. wake up at around 7.30am.. third day is sun.. then after i wash my face, my elder sis n i look outside the window.. we kana shock leh.. they sun alos have to go sch.. but quite cool la.. they got tables n chiars at the assembly ground de.. lolx..

first place we went is the beach.. lolx.. the beach very nice lor.. not like s'pore de.. their very clean down there also got chairs for ppl sit lor.. their chairs like swimming pool chair tt type.. lolx.. then saw a beach volleyball competition also.. lolx.. the guys playing beach volleyball so dak lor.. got alot of muclse also.. lolx.. but not interested.. lolx.. then went inside a place got a number of small shops selling things like swimming costumes, seashells, wind chime n things carve frm wood or made frm wood.. i bought bel, jacq n dear present frm there.. but b4 we left la.. got 2 shopkeeper started quarreling.. my mom lor.. one moment see tis shop then went to the another shop to ask the price then the another shop the price lower then told the first shopkeeper say there sell so cheap i go there buy.. then the first shopkeeper also lower her price.. then started fighting.. -_-" in the end both shop we also got buy sth.. then we faster leave.. lolx.. scary leh..

then after tt went to eat lunch a famous chicken rice restuarant.. i forgot the name le.. lolx.. then my cousin n his wife join us also.. but after eating.. i still prefer s'pore wen dong ji.. lolx.. tt is still my favourite.. lolx.. eat finish liao we went bac to my cousin hse.. when reach his hse downstair, we went to take alook at the shops.. got one is sell clothes de.. very cheap.. so we end up buying alot of clothes frm there.. while we choosing clothes, my auntie, augustine n the China auntie went up to the hse to rest.. lolx.. seems like my family has the most energy.. lolx.. i bought one short at knee length.. my elder sis n i share 2 shirts n one skirt.. my elder sis also got buy one jeans then my younger sis bought a shirt n 3/4 pants.. my mom bought a blouse n my dad bought 2 shirt.. not bad hor.. lolx.. after tt we went up rest for a while, we went shopping again.. lolx.. not shopping centre tt type.. is shops open beside the road de.. hmm.. like those shop open in interchange but the onli diff is tt China de is nearby the road.. not those type where the police come they run de.. lolx.. actually wanted to buy eye shadow in one of the shop de.. but my second cousin say better dun.. cheap cheap de might spoil the face.. then me n my sis bought a belt.. we share things again.. lolx.. we 2 around the same size ma.. lolx.. the place where we spend the longest time shld be the supermarket ba.. really got alot of things to buy frm there.. lolx.. especially food.. lolx.. i love food.. bought alot alot of food.. really.. then my auntie was so shock lor.. lolx.. my family jus cannot resist food temptation.. lolx.. n is super cheap lor.. total is around s'pore $20+ to $30+ lolx.. but around going to pay money tt time i tink maybe i too irritated or maybe too tired ba.. i look like half-dead like tt then got abit temper.. i didn bother abt my sis n parents.. then when inside the car.. my tears slowly roll down my check.. tink onli both my sis noe.. they try to make me happy lor.. after crying my mood ok liao.. better liao.. lolx.. or maybe i too miss him le ba.. lolx.. dunnoe.. then on the way bac to my cousin hse it started to rain.. their down there when rain will have alot of tt type of small insect fly in the hse de.. i tink is during the time we eating dinner ar.. their window got the net thing but shld be nv close the wndow properly ba.. quite a number of insect fly in.. so to prevent the food to have insect they close the light at the dinner table.. onli switch on the living rm light.. i go there eat ar.. all my meals all got chcken de.. then i every meal also eat chicken onli.. lolx.. after i eat finish ar.. my cousin started to play wif the lights.. lolx.. on n off the lights.. lolx.. so funny lor.. b4 i eat finish, both my sis n cousin were sitting in front of the tv de.. then cos got the flies, they scream here scream there.. laugh here laugh there.. then i eat finish tt time they all sitting in the corner no light de.. lolx.. i also sit wif them.. lolx.. tt is the safest place lor.. lolx..

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hmm.. contiune frm ytd where i stop.. todae tokin abt second day.. second day is my cousin's wedding.. we wake up around 7 plus.. then meet wif my second cousin n her father-in-law go eat breakfast at the hotel.. i tell u ar.. the sandwiches there super nice leh.. i like it very much.. lolx..then the father-in-law ordered alot of food.. really had a heavy breakfast.. after tt we went shopping.. let me tink wat we bought.. hmm.. my younger sis n i bought mp4 i tink.. got discount cos my cousin de cousin workin tt line de.. lolx.. then we bought one big box of sweets.. inside got alot of packs.. lolx.. some couldn squeeze inside then no choice have to put in plastic bags.. i tell u hor.. is really alot.. lolx.. then my dad bought a belt.. after tt we went bac to my cousin hse to have lunch n to wait for the bride n bridegroom to come serve tea to my parents n auntie.. lolx.. their hse slowly became quite crowded.. lolx.. i kana shock lor.. i thought the bride's wedding dress is white de but then when she reach the hse.. wow.. whole thing red.. even the umbrella the bridemate hold also red.. very red.. i told my dad say i then dun want get marry in hainan island man.. need wear red wedding dress.. lolx.. i still prefer white de.. nicer.. lolx..

then after tt went to our cousin de cousin wang tao's hse.. lolx.. he really super cute leh.. lolx.. he younger then my cousin 1 yrs old.. lolx.. so sad.. older then my sis 10yrs old.. lolx.. not fated.. lolx.. cos after lookin at his hse we still got time so went down to walk walk.. then my parents n my auntie bought dunnoe wat bamboo mat.. they say wat very cooling then put one the bed de.. very heavy sia.. if i nv rmb wrongly.. one is 15kg ba.. or 1.5kg.. lolx.. then when we rush bac to his hse downstair to wait for my big cousin husband to fetch us to the wedding dinner, my auntie found tt her handphone lost.. then we thought is cos my cousin augustine jus now play his mom phone then nv put bac left it at wang tao's hse.. so he went up to find.. cannot find.. tis time really lost liao.. my first impression of the wedding dinner.. how come so smoky!! then i realise got ppl smoke inside.. can faint le.. s'pore de cannot smoke lor.. but lucky we sit infront.. infront like no ppl smoke so quite ok.. the bride got change another set of clothes la.. is a red qipao.. -_-" red again.. lolx.. the wedding dinner got 16 course.. really eat until can puke lor.. alot of food leh.. somemore got lobster.. lolx.. then alot of left over.. but the most funny part is the entertainment part.. i rmb the dancers dance cindy's Ai ni.. lolx.. i tink i can dance better then them lor.. lolx.. afte tt got jolin's ye man you xi.. the host sing not bad la.. lolx.. b4 we went bac to the hotel we call our dad to take a pic of wang tao.. lolx.. we wanted him to secretly take u noe wat my dad did.. he call wang tao to stand there n he took a pic of him.. but then he take also not clear.. we dun want his whole body.. we want his face onli la.. -_-" the second day really got alot fo things happen.. when we reach the hotel, augustine found tt he forgot to take his small pouch.. then panic again.. -_-" but the another bell boy on duty very helpful.. help us alot.. but in the end we still have to trouble my second cousin father-in-law cos we forgot the wedding dinner hotel name.. lolx.. after a while he told us say no need worry.. my cousin still at there then will have us find.. finally can go bac hotel rm n rest.. super tired tt day..

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

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hey hey.. came bac frm China a few days le.. i kind of miss there.. lolx..the first day i reach the airport i was like.. wa.. the airport is super different frm s'pore.. i still prefer s'pore one.. lolx.. then come out tt time was like lookin around to see who is my cousin.. lolx.. got 4 guys.. the first impression was "huh? which one is then my cousin.." i was super blur lor.. they were like so helpful.. lolx.. not bad la.. they also rented a car specially to drive us around.. lolx.. first we went bac to the old hse.. my grandfather's hse.. on the way there in the car then i noe who is who.. i realise i got quite a number of relative in China.. lolx.. reach the old hse i was really very shock lor.. thought my auntie tell me say is beside the beach.. bluff ppl de.. is super old lor..

around 100 plus yrs old ba..but quite cool la.. lolx.. my first drink at there was tis coconut drink.. very raw man.. lolx.. shld be pure la.. lolx.. then we ate our lunch at there.. got crabs n lots of prawns..they also prepare chickens, ducks n gooses.. lolx.. eat until very full.. after tt we went to my cousin hse.. the guy who getting married the nxt day.. lolx.. the journey very long ar.. a few hrs.. all of us fall aslp lor..even the driver also want fall aslp le.. the driver is my second cousin's husband.. her younger bro is the bridegroom lor.. lolx.. he also tired ma.. midnite fly frm shenzhen to hainan island.. oh ya.. i missed out tt went we reach the old hse.. all my China aunties like so ren qing lor.. like long time no see like tt.. nv see them b4 lor.. kana shock leh.. lolx.. contiune after tt we reach their hse.. same la.. so ren qing serve us.. then chat until eat dinner at their hse.. my cousin ok la.. normal normal lor.. lolx.. but my cousin de cousin very cute.. lolx.. both my sis n i agree he very cute.. lolx.. maybe cos he got one of the maple haircut ba.. lolx..all my cousin all very gd to us.. very helpfulbut then ar.. i dun like the rest of the China aunties other then my cousin's mom.. all so money-minded de.. the lunch at the old hse hor.. they go get $$ frm my auntie who came to China together wif us.. lolx.. who tell her so rich.. lolx.. then at nite we stayed at my second cousin's father-in-law hotel.. tt hotel super grand lor.. lolx..

4 star i tink.. but the moment we step in.. me n my younger sis started laughing.. lolx.. one of the bell boy look so funny.. lolx.. slpt through the nite.. now so late le.. go slp le.. maybe tml then continue the China trip.. lolx..

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