~Melancholy Melody~
Monday, September 22, 2008

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dun force me.. i very scare.. i scare tt history will repeat itself.. dun force me to face it.. i dun like reality..


i rather disappear then to face it..

10:37 PM

~My Melancholy~

Friday, September 19, 2008

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tired.. suffocated.. confuse.. burdened..

7:06 PM

~My Melancholy~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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SO TIRED!!! lolx.. 4th wk of attachment le.. shld i say time pass very fast or shld i say time pass faster!! lolx.. every morning got tons and tons of things need to do but after lunch can rot.. y is my department so not balance.. lolx.. i noe.. jialin they all sure say like tt gd cos i wldn have OT de.. lolx.. cos US market ma.. hehe..

got bac last sem results todae.. hmm.. very happy with my results.. shld say to be the best results i ever had.. i thought gracia was playing a trick on me when she msg me my results.. lolx.. i really felt tt my effort had been paid off.. lolx.. but.. i still have to jiayou for IPP and nxt sem cos my gpa still need to climb higher.. shld have work harder during yr1 sem1.. haiz..

to all my friends who are disappointed with their results.. jiayou for IPP and nxt sem!! i noe u all can do it de!!

10:00 PM

~My Melancholy~

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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so tired.. although i have been slping early but i keep having nitemare.. the spiders and xiao qiang nitemare come bac again.. alrdy very long dun have tis nitemare liao.. dunnoe y suddenly come bac again..

10:11 PM

~My Melancholy~

||The Owner||

Name: Janice Chang
Age: 20 yrs old
D.O.B: 12 Aug 1989
Schools: CZPS, SHSS, NYP(Banking and Finance), SIM-UOL(Accountancy and Finance)

Wat i LIKE:
~ Shopping
~ Eating & Slping
~ Watch TV
~ Spend time with dear
~ Tickling dear(wahaha)

Wat i DUN like:
~ People lying to me
~ Backstabber
~ 2-timer
~ Ugly-side of HUMAN NATURE
~ Bittergourd
~ Onion
~ Spider

~ To have my very own room
~ To be with dear 4eva


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