~Melancholy Melody~
Friday, January 09, 2009

{ }

i'm sad.. angry.. disappointed.. tired..

tryin so hard not to cry.. 

my hard work didn pay off in the end..

there isn a corner in my hse which belongs to me

a corner for me to cry..

struggling to be a strong gal..

seems hard..

but still trying..

10:16 PM

~My Melancholy~

Thursday, January 08, 2009

{ }

thank you dear for ur shoulder.. it really help alot.. i do feel alot better now.. i really dunno wat i will do to myself if u wasn by my side.. 

11:53 PM

~My Melancholy~

||The Owner||

Name: Janice Chang
Age: 20 yrs old
D.O.B: 12 Aug 1989
Schools: CZPS, SHSS, NYP(Banking and Finance), SIM-UOL(Accountancy and Finance)

Wat i LIKE:
~ Shopping
~ Eating & Slping
~ Watch TV
~ Spend time with dear
~ Tickling dear(wahaha)

Wat i DUN like:
~ People lying to me
~ Backstabber
~ 2-timer
~ Ugly-side of HUMAN NATURE
~ Bittergourd
~ Onion
~ Spider

~ To have my very own room
~ To be with dear 4eva


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