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Friday, April 28, 2006

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cool cool.. lolx.. i now at the budget airport here using internet.. lolx.. waiting to board the plane.. lolx.. strange leh.. i now dun feel tired at all lor.. lolx.. btw.. we not staying at relative hse le.. change to hotel.. haiz.. no more beside the beach le.. quite sad leh.. but tink maybe hotel better ba.. lolx.. i come bac then i blog again.. lolx.. tata..

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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todae is the second wk second day since sch start.. start to feel abit stress le.. especially ytd after macroeconomics class.. the teacher was like tokin so fast then really have to pay attention to wat he say then will understand but lucky i read the textbk b4 coming to class so not much prob.. lata still need go to sch.. haiz.. but the longer i study in nyp the more i like nyp.. lolx.. getting use to long bus journey liao.. ok la.. not too bad actually..

Arhh.. my face now got 2 pimple.. i really dun like pimples leh.. Arhh.. then somemore is at the very ming xian part of my face.. go sch sure everybody see de.. maybe i really ate too much Mac in sch le ba.. cos lazy to tink wat to eat ma.. hope come bac frm China my face will be ok liao.. fri 4am plus have to reach the airport.. haiz.. so early leh.. a few more days onli.. actually time really pass very fast..

10:20 AM

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Friday, April 21, 2006

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Yahoo!! lolx.. todae i got no lessons at all.. gd hor.. i like my timetable except for the tue part.. haha.. then went to interchange there to help my dad wif his stuffs.. always call me do de.. study bankin then have to go bank meh.. lolx.. then i also got go bac sch go take my STUDENT CARD!!! lolx.. the pic ok la.. better then my IC n sec sch ez-link.. my poly ez-link also use tt pic..

very irritating leh.. the 3 bks tt i want to buy sold out again.. not the first time le.. always like tt.. my sch bkstore shld order like a few hundreds at a time ma.. lolx.. ya la i noe la.. learn accounting b4.. cannot at one go order so much cos in case its not in demand.. lolx..

jus went to friendster jus now.. lolx.. cos simon need a pic of ourself for all the module teachers.. then ytd i nv give him my tt ez-link de.. so he say he go take frm friendster.. went to see which one nicer then let him take tt.. lolx.. after tt go see ppl's pic n testi.. lolx.. very impress by jiaying.. all her pic.. really very nice lor.. she look so diff frm sch de her.. she shld go sch like tt.. then guys will be attracted by her.. lolx..

yeah.. i can tie my hair le.. lolx.. but abit weird.. tie le make my head very round.. lolx.. so at home tie onli.. lolx..maybe i wait for it to grow longer then go cut hair auntie there trim then maybe nicer ba..

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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todae my 3rd day of sch.. lolx.. not bad.. i getting to like lectures le.. especially poa.. n maybe statistics theory of business.. lolx.. poa cos i learn b4 liao then i like poa also.. so to me sure interesting de.. lolx.. statistics is cos like madness.. use alot of ur brain to understand the whole thing.. then need copy the impt things then need try those lecture qns.. then time pass super fast.. lolx.. my classmate say dun even have time to wear jacket if cold.. lolx.. starting to have hws le.. dunnoe y still feel quite fun.. lolx.. maybe i start to become crazy le.. lolx.. or maybe my class ROX!! lolx.. i really feel tt my sch super cool lor other then the tammy thing la.. lolx..

but another part of me suddenly really very miss him.. then ytd my new friends ask me whether i got bf anot.. then of cos i say yes.. lolx.. then ask me wat sch.. super sad leh.. even they also noe very far.. then will have lesser time meet.. yvonne encourage me la.. lolx.. really very envy her when she say she n her bf 1 yr plus le.. lolx.. muz learn more frm her.. lolx..

5:51 PM

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Monday, April 17, 2006

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lolx.. todae is my first day in sch.. lolx.. not bad la.. but need walk here walk there to diff classrms n lecture halls.. like 2 sub a day.. lolx.. at first i thought in the morning i meeting yvonne, gillian n stephanie(my new friends) onli.. but then end up meeting my whole class gals.. lolx.. like very united but hor actually our class chi gals more united.. everywhere we go together de.. lolx.. one big grp de.. lolx.. then we found out tt we like to stand in a circle then almost in the middle of the road or way de.. lolx.. funny hor.. but quite fun la.. but tml until 9pm then go auntie hse slp.. hope i wed able to wake up early.. lolx..

i quite miss all the youth cashiers.. althought same sch as xinghui but the timetable super diff.. unless we plan to meet or else really wouldn able to see her.. lolx.. but poly makes me feel like adults.. lolx.. cos we dun wear uniform ma.. then sit bus go home very diff feeling frm last time sec sch.. lolx.. not bad..

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

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afew nv come blog le.. lolx.. my sch orientation was fun.. lolx.. at first my class was super quiet.. lolx.. quiet until i cannot tahan.. after after tt maybe more warm up le ba.. getting high liao.. lolx.. then one of my OGL like to call my name.. especially playing games tt time.. tink he got abit prob.. lolx.. he call James.. he very gd to us.. lolx.. very funny also.. after first day orientation i really believe wat jieying say.. alot of handsome guy in my sch.. lolx.. somemore they say my tis batch like got more guy then gals.. lolx.. but my class still got more gals then guys.. my class got more gentle gals then me lor.. lolx.. tink nxt time i will considered the cheerful type liao.. lolx.. finally change frm quiet to cheerful liao..

but i didn go for second day orientation cos hip pain pain.. lolx.. then in the morning James called but is my mom ans la.. can laugh leh the way my mom ans the phone.. tink maybe nxt time James dun dare to call my hse liao.. lolx.. lucky simon went for the orientation.. lolx.. like making use of him.. then he told James i hip pain go see doc.. lolx.. he add the go see doc himself.. lolx.. then told him if got any impt thing muz inform me.. actually i really feel like going to the orientation de.. maybe i really make the wrong choice tt day ba.. cos i really want join in the business games.. lolx.. i very interested in selling things de.. got join afew tis type in sec sch then very enjoy.. lolx.. but sad la.. my brain always make wrong decision de.. but got one choice nv make wrong.. lolx.. which is dale dale de daddy.. lolx..

he really very gd to me.. but there is a prob i haven ask him yet.. i scare it will greatly affect us.. was tinkin to ask him like a few yrs later.. lolx.. very long hor.. cos by then grow up liao.. can make own decision liao.. lolx.. shld i ask now or wait till grow up? i tink grow up liao then ask ba.. tink after sch i will really miss him cos lesser time to meet le.. i will also miss my other gd friends n youth cashiers they all.. but i fri n sat can go out wif them.. lolx.. provided they got time la.. now got i tink 2 movie i want to see but no time.. so busy.. lolx.. then fri n sat so ex.. hmm.. but still muz wait till everybody's timetable come out then can ask them.. lolx..

11:49 AM

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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so happy ytd.. lolx.. finally meet up again wif most of the youth cashiers.. lolx.. quite sad la.. some cannot make it.. met chin leong, peiyu, hweeshan n xinghui earlier to buy felicia's cake.. went to a few shops to see then found the best one at jack's place.. strawberry chocolate cake.. lolx.. felicia like strawberry n chocolate so tt cake is like perfect.. lolx.. at 5 pm we went to meet the rest which is onli huiyun n felicia.. lolx.. quite happy tt andrew at least came to eat dinner wif us.. lolx.. pizza hut.. b4 we start ordering the food, hweeshan went to collect the cake n put it at pizza hut.. lolx.. so happy tt i didn order the wrong flavour tis time.. lolx.. really enjoy the dinner.. there was like so much laughter.. lolx.. tink we are like the noisiest over there.. lolx.. we eat until 7.15pm including the cake.. lolx.. our movie start at 7.20pm lor..lolx.. then we started to leave pizza hut.. lolx.. but then we still walk slow slow.. lolx.. we didn watch ice age2.. we change it to keepin mum.. didn noe wat movie is tt but dunnoe who say is a funny show so ok lor.. lolx.. but then watch halfway then we noe is NC16 show tt means got some er.. some RA part.. lolx.. nobody noe until then lor.. lolx.. but quite a nice show.. lolx..

ytd felicia help me found out tt i got bluetooth in my phone.. lolx.. thank da jie jie.. lolx.. quite happy.. but the grp photo she send me throught bluetooth too big cannot open.. lolx.. so need to wait for her to send me through online..the moment i went home, i went online.. lolx.. went to see my registered modules.. dunnoe y still cannot see leh.. but i m able to see my timetable.. my timtable is like for me abit crazy.. everyday diff sub.. one sub shortest is 2 hr.. longest shld be 3-4hrs.. tink i can rot liao.. lolx.. mon is 9am-4pm.. tue is 2pm to 8pm.. wed is 8am to 1pm.. thur is 9am to 1pm.. fri no sch but have to do e-learning ourself.. dotz.. alot of ppl say quite ok la.. hopefuly i can cope wif it.. lolx.. after tt i call weilian help me go see my registered modules.. she can see leh.. tink my com abit siao liao.. lolx..

lata going out wif chin leong to watch ice age2.. lolx.. after todae need go sch le.. tml n thur is orientation then nxt wk sch start le.. dunnoe to be happy or sad.. but abit scare.. lolx.. but da jie jie say i can de.. lolx.. but i noe myself.. starting i will be very quiet n shy de.. lolx.. hope tis time i will be diff ba.. lolx.. muz be yong gan to make friends.. lolx..

11:18 AM

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Friday, April 07, 2006

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forgot to add the amin reason i went bugis ytd.. lolx.. i went to find the perfect gift for chin leong.. mon 2 month liao.. he made a 1000 piece puzzle for me then i cannot dun give him anything ma.. actually wanted to give him a handmade test tube wif his name inside de.. but i dun have test tubes yet.. so sad leh.. tt one he sure will like it alot de.. haiz.. now i bought him a... cannot say.. lolx.. in case he come see then noe wat his present is le.. lolx.. but dunnoe whether he will hang tt type of thing in his hse anot.. hope he will like it.. actually wanted bake cake de.. but hor mon we watching movie wif the others youth cashiers also ma.. then bring a cake go there very weird leh.. lolx.. so didn bake.. lolx..

7:11 PM

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so tired ar.. its again the the wk of the month.. somemore first day.. so suffered the whole day.. lolx.. early in the morning pei my mom go suntec go for free dental checkup.. lolx.. is she check not me.. my dental appointment is 4pm.. lolx.. waited like 1 hr++ then her turn.. during tt period of time, i keep noticing a very cute guy.. he in charge of calling ppl name to go inside.. he frm nyp leh.. lolx.. might see him when i go nyp cos he frm health sci sch de which is jus beside business management sch.. lolx.. chin leong.. jealous anot.. lolx.. dun worry la.. will onli make friend if him if got chance.. lolx..

the dentist told my mom her teeth got serious prob.. lolx.. knew it.. lolx.. not really very serious la.. lolx.. then tok to her very long.. then suddenly ask me my braces put how long liao.. lolx.. scary leh.. then after tt go marina square eat coz down there lesser ppl.. ate long john silver.. lolx.. i like the chips wif cheese alot.. my mom eat liao also very happy.. after tt we started walking n lookin into every shop coz still got like a few more hrs then is my dental appointment.. saw alot of clothes tt i want buy but my mom dun let.. so sad leh..

when we reach NDC.. we are 20mins early for my appointment so tt means have to wait.. but time pass quite fast la.. the dentist is really more blur then me.. she is the one who told me to stop my elastics first de then when i went in her rm she ask me" how is ur elastics?" i was like " huh?" then she remember she call me stop first.. more blur then me lor.. lolx.. but she quite nice la.. lolx.. so now i continue wif my elastics but not the vampire one liao.. lolx.. now still can open mouth big big.. lolx..

ytd was quite fun.. lolx.. saw alot of ren shi de ren.. lolx.. first is xinghui n hweeshan.. then is jingwei.. last is chin leong n his friends which i didn notice at all.. lolx.. didn noe the arcade down there.. i still thought is inside bugis the building.. lolx.. was super shock to see him lor.. tt time i was eating n drinkin honey milktea.. lolx.. lucky nv tu the water out.. lolx.. i finally remember where i see the silver hang ear thing b4 le.. at one of the shop in icon.. ytd saw it again.. actually wanted buy but abit ex.. but then hor.. i come bac home liao then abit regret nv buy.. nxt time ba.. i will sure buy one home de.. lolx.. ok la.. i stop here.. abit tired liao.. hate it leh.. the first few days sure like no energy de.. hope by mon stop liao.. lolx..

6:39 PM

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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actually wanted to go wif xinghui todae de.. happy for her tt she no need work anymore le.. but my mom want me rest more.. let my hip recover.. haiz.. tink tml also staying at home ba.. dunnoe maybe go out wif xinghui leh.. lolx.. i tis type cannot stay at home too long de.. but like wat my mom say, after poly sch open.. i want stay at home rest also cannot.. haiz.. my sis say want go work wif me on sat also.. lolx.. she also going no $$ le.. lolx.. i dun mind.. cos lata she can pei me home also.. lolx.. so not so lonely.. hope xingyee still got space for her to join in..

jus now jieying said alot of things abt God.. really make me realise alot of things.. sths tt i nv thought of n things i alrdy had an ans.. actually whenever tok to her.. u will realise alot of new things.. lolx.. then like slowly grow up.. lolx.. cannot always remain as kids ma.. lolx..

was hoping for mon to come faster.. lolx.. so long nv see the youth cashiers le.. lolx.. miss them alot.. lolx..

1:42 PM

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

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aiya.. y the blog cannot put chi words de.. actually got quite a few very meaningful words de.. but put le cannot see.. haiz.. all taken frm xian jian qi xia zhuang the songs.. lolx.. the songs all so touching.. i translet 2 phrases into eng.. lolx.. guess where i put tis 2 phrases.. lolx.. i like the <<SHENG shi wei le zheng ming AI chun zai de heng ji>> my msn nick also change to tt one le.. lolx.. tis few day i keep blogging abt tis.. lolx.. i too into tt show le.. lolx.. cannot help it.. lolx.. i especially like a-nu n tangyu.. lolx.. tis 2 couples so cute n funny lor.. lolx.. maybe my character abit like a-nu ba.. like wat my dad say "always tinkin abt food".. lolx..

i going to rot at home liao lor.. so sian.. not go com then is read my chi novel.. or else go play wif dale dale le.. nth for me to do leh.. but cannot help it.. now raining.. then todae xinghui n hweeshan last day but work 12 to 10.. or else can go out celebrate for them.. but i still muz gong xi them.. last day le.. tml they will be free.. lolx.. then annabel go for 2 days camp.. xingyee also dunnoe y not free then jacq at hongkong.. i left around one wk then orientation liao.. then sch opening sch le.. after tt no free time le.. then 28th april to 1st may going China for wedidng.. will have a period of time cannot blog ba.. actually was hoping tt my dad will buy my a laptop.. then like tt i in sch free tt time also can blog.. lolx.. but if my dad really buying, will sure buy for my sis University first de then is my turn.. haiz..

2:25 PM

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Monday, April 03, 2006

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i m going crazy soon.. despite being sick, i still tell my mom i want sweep n clean the whole hse floor.. i dunnoe wat happen to me.. lolx.. sound abit like ling'er in the xian jian qi xia zhuang.. the whole nite she helpin the inn owner clean the whole floor.. clean finish then make dirty by a-nu n yueru.. but nvm she clean again.. tis time clean liao again make dirty but tis time is by tangyu n jingyuan.. they viomited on the floor.. actually the reason she clean the whole floor is cos she dun want let herself to realise how hurt she is to breakup wif xiaoyao.. trying to keep herself busy.. she so silly..

there is a period of time i have tis thought on my head.. would it be better if one day i was to lost all my memories n start my life anew? would i be happier wifout memories? now i can tell myself tt a person wifout memories is lonely.. cos she or he have forgotten his or her friends.. lolx..

3:52 PM

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my mood now like swing until very li hai now.. very scary also.. dunnoe wat happen to me.. but was very sad tt i have to cancel lata celebration for felicia's belated bday.. really very sry.. my stomach n hip bu ting hua la.. actually the hip pain can ren de but suddenly the stomach pain also.. somemore is on n off de.. haiz..

was very glad tt i went for the band concert.. it was SUPER SUPER nice lor.. i enjoy it so much.. at tt moment i was tinkin if during sec 1 i didn join handbell but band, maybe i will also be one of them playing.. lolx.. so cool lor..

i somehow begin not to noe wat i really wanted.. begin to lose my direction in life.. i need someone to pull me out frm tis.. wats happening to me.. maybe i watch too many sad sad shows n read too much chi novel le ba.. begin to tink deeply.. is tt the wat adults do? my auntie told my sis say i m better at choosing things n dressing myself.. m i actually very easily contented? or it depends? stress makes me want to cry everytime.. whenever i m alone.. whenever i m tired of things..

(i tink God is trying to tell me sth..)

1:58 PM

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